Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 1, 2015

Evening With the Grandchildren
 (and their parents)
September 1, 2015

The clouds were lovely in the evening as we drove to McAllen
*This blog entry is being written on the 2nd to cover the 1st of September.  It has been a busy couple of days.

Tuesday started early for me so that I could be at the dentist's office for an 8:00 appointment.  This is the appointment I mentioned earlier that they set for September 14.  They called last week and offered this appointment for the 1st.  As I have mentioned this is a father and son team and I started out with the father.  He went over the information.  Then he did some x-rays and we talked about the options.  They were not great and they were all going to be expensive.  Then his son joined us and did not agree with the direction the dad was going and suggested another even more costly route, but probably the best choice for a bad situation. 
The morning sky was so pretty after the heavy rains the previous day
After deciding the course of action for the tooth problem, he said that it would be best for it to continue to heal and that since what is left of that tooth does not touch the others it is low risk for damage.  In the end we decided to do the work in early November. 
Measuring with a tape measure, the water had been 12 inches deep in this spot

From there, I went to the office and spent most of the day on "first of the month" chores.  Before doing those, I spent time checking out the mess from the previous day's flooding.  I checked high water marks and the remaining water in the warehouse.  Then I did a deposit, postings, billing, and reports.  I actually got the reports ready for the accountant by the end of the day.  I need the bank statement to be able to send everything to him, but it was a good feeling to have it all done on the first!  I even left early and went to the bank, the drug store, Mom's house, the post office, and then to our house. 

You can see the high water mark at about 2 inches deep 
in the warehouse, right outside the door to my office.  

Mom had paid a young man from our church to take her to run a long list of errands.  She had gotten a lot done.  I am glad that worked out for her.  She needs to be able to go wander through the stores and both do her shopping and get in some exercise. 

Our oldest granddaughter had broken her bed frame shortly after they moved.  There was a defect in the wood and she had fallen against it and it broke.  Ron had brought it home and had been working on the repairs.  It was finally ready and we needed to get it to her.  Also I still had those cardboard play houses that I used for the children, at the rehearsal dinner for Stephen's wedding last fall. 

Here you see the castle and below is the spaceship

We took those to the kids and suggested their parents let them play with them on their nice big covered patio and when they get wet or torn up, just throw them away.  We have definitely gotten our money's worth out of them.  One has been in the play room for months but I needed it out before the weekend since we have guests coming.
The air was so clean and clear after all the rain.

When I got to our house after my errands, Ron was already here and we loaded the items in my suburban and headed for McAllen.  The clouds were beautiful on the way up there.  It was a nice drive up there (since Ron was driving).  He and I feel the same about the upper valley traffic - it is terrible!

We arrived at Jeff and Barb's just as supper was ready and sat down to eat with them before the car was unloaded.  I know they don't need more things to find a home for, but I know the kids will enjoy the castle and the spaceship either on the patio or in the carport.  I suspect the kittens will move into the castle. 

A blonde lab dog has decided she wants to live at their house.  She has a collar with tags and they have called and left messages, but have had no response.  Most of the kids like the dog.  She and the youngest of the boys don't get along and the cats have moved to the the tree instead of the patio.  They have now fixed the gate where the dog can't get in the backyard, but she is staying in the front and really wants to live there with these children who play outside a lot.

The bed got reassembled and our granddaughter made her bed and fixed the room up so we could come see how nice it now looks.  The three girls share the room and it looks lovely.  There are still things that don't have a home, but in time they will get it all fixed up.  So much has been going on for them.  They did sell their house in Brownsville and that is nice. 

We had a great visit and barely touched on all that is going on with them.  All three girls have already started ballet classes. The family joined a home school group which has a lot of activities the children can join.  The two older girls are going to be taking a 4-H photography class.  The boys had selected activities.  It is going to be a busy year for them.

We left about 10:15 or so.  I had been trying to get Ron on the road for a while but there had been delays.  As we were about to leave, they remembered they had some of Ron's equipment for moving items so they loaded them.  It was after 11:30 when we got home.  Tired.  But happy to have had time with the family for the evening.  Mostly the children scattered and let the adults talk.

As we were going to McAllen,  little over half way there, we were routed off of the expressway due to a 5-car accident.  They had totally shut down one section in the Mercedes area.  Coming home we were taken off our planned course in McAllen due to a 5-car accident.  The accident on the expressway they say was due to cars hitting a patch of water on the expressway and that there were no injuries.  The other accident left 2 people dead.  I have never seen so many emergency vehicles at an accident scene.  Today Ron and I discussed that we had been delayed on starting both the trip up and the trip back and that maybe those delays were for our protection.  We will never know here on earth, how many times God has protected us from situations we did not know about. 

We do thank God for our safe trips to and from McAllen yesterday and we thank Him that we were able to go.  We do miss the family, but know that they are where they need to be.  So many things are working out so that they will have the needs of their family met in new ways.  We believe they made the right decision to move, but that doesn't mean we don't miss them. 


  1. Sorry to hear about your dental situation. Well, at least you've had that matter slightly resolved by getting it checked. It's always better to have a better look at the problem, so that you can to draw them out one by one, and eventually resolve them all. Good luck, and take care!

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

    1. Thanks, Eunice, but I am not going to be able to draw them out, if you mean do them one at a time. I will have to have three done at once because there is very little to hold a new cap for the original problem and doing the one next to it will probably create a problem with the third one. Or delaying the third one may cause problems with one and two when the third one is done. Hope that makes sense. Not a real good answer for my pocket book, but probably the best answer for the teeth. Thanks for dropping in to my blog and please share it with friends who may be very hard of hearing. My Cochlear Implant is the original reason for the blog.