Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8, 2015

A Tuesday That Seemed 
Like a Monday
September 8, 2015

 Dark clouds over the old high school
Even though I went to bed early last night, Ron did not wake me when he left for work this morning and I did not wake up until 8:30.  It sure is nice being married to the boss.  I took care of things in the yard, filling bird feeders, ponds, and bird baths.
Thoughtful looking sparrow
After getting my shower and my breakfast, I gathered my things for the office and did a little picking up in the sewing room for quilting group tonight.  It was 10:30 before I got to the office.  I spent the morning on financial things for the office: preparing a bank deposit, checking the bills, and things like that.
New visitor to the birdbath - a Starling
After lunch I took the deposit to the bank and coming back is when I took the photo at the top of the blog today.  The buildings were our high school when I was in school.  The black clouds were rolling across, but that is about all they did - roll across town.  I got sprinkled on off and on for the next 30 minutes as I ran some errands.
Chrysanthemums that I re-potted
When I finished at the bank I went by my mom's house to see how she was doing in.  She had planned to go to McAllen with us yesterday, but decided she wasn't feeling well enough for that.  I left there and picked up a prescription for her and returned it to her house.  From there I went to the office and the mail had come with checks that I could have deposited if I had waited, but I guess I will do it tomorrow.  I paid bills and checked the list of regular bills to be paid to be sure I was on top of things.  Sometimes we doing receive a bill that we should.  I don't know where they end up, but not in our stack of mail.  I sent off the reports to the accountant.
 Chrysanthemums - the three I re-potted tonight

At a couple of minutes to 5:00 I stated home but one thing after another kept changing my route.  There was an accident at one corner, at another there was some sort of delay, so in the end I found myself by Chick-fil-A so I picked up some supper and came home.
 White, yellow, and bronze Chrysanthemums 
waiting to be re-potted

 Last Friday night I had bought some bedding plants and had not had time to do anything with them.  I re-potted three of the ten tonight and need to get the others done soon.  They are very root bound.  I hope they make it.  
 * This white bougainvillea at Jeff's yesterday was so lovely.  It is HUGE!
The quilt group was to meet, but there were a variety of problems there, too, so we cancelled.  One lady was sick and she picks up some others.  Mom wasn't feeling up to coming but Carmen was going to come but when the lady got sick she didn't have a ride.  Another had car trouble and so I had her call the last one and tell her we were cancelling.
* The clusters of flowers were thick and pure white.
Ron had been to his mom's for supper and said she was doing well.  They had a good visit.  I still had time for a little sewing with or without the quilt group.
*God's detail is awesome!
*Yesterday at Jeff's house the white bougainvillea was so beautiful, I decided to share a few more photos of it in this blog.  There was not room for more photos in  yesterday's blog.