Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21 & 22, 2015

Monday and Tuesday
All Rolled into One
September 21 & 22, 2015

The yard looks so nice after all the rains

Monday morning seemed like it came sooner than it should have.  I am beginning to have some allergy problems since I am off the allergy shots and off all allergy medications to prepare for the allergy tests this Thursday.  I was slow moving and didn't go to the office until about 10:30. 
In one section of the yard we have a lot 
of ivy and it is doing very well this year.
We have a chair that I would like to have recovered, but the way it is made makes people cringe at the thought of recovering it.  A friend from church does some upholstery work and after talking to him, we decided he would just try to repair the chair and not recover it.  He had come by before I got to the office, to look at the chair, but it was in my car.  He came back after I got there and said he would come to pick it up later in the day.
 One of the waterfalls in the backyard
I did an assortment of chores and then while Ron was out on a job, I did some sewing.  I got 3 1/2 of the rows put together for the quilt I am working on.  I have all the blocks made except for the last row.  There will be 12 rows with 8 blocks in each row for a total of 96 blocks.

One of the arrangements I fixed yesterday

When Ron got back from his job, I left and went to Harlingen to get some foam for the chair to be repaired and a few other things at Hobby Lobby.  I got some fall colored silk flowers to use in some of the bird cages I used to decorate for our son's wedding last fall, and fabric for the back of the quilt.

Another of the arrangements

I picked up some supper on the way home.  Ron was working late.  When I got home I worked on the arrangements and did three of them.   I still need to do some work on fall decorations, but I have put away the spring/summer ones.  Later in the evening, after taking care of things in the yard, I talked to our son in New Mexico.

Tuesday morning I was up before my alarm and got some things done around the house before going to the office.  I had some paper work to take care of and then Ron was gone almost all afternoon.  I mopped the showroom and my office and then sat down to sew and got the rest of the rows all assembled, except for the one I still need to make. 
Clouds to the South

During the afternoon while I was mopping, the clouds got dark and it looked like it would rain, but they just passed to the south of us and didn't leave any rain here.  While the dark clouds were to the south, to the north, was blue sky and big white clouds.  At the end of the day I had to close up since Ron was just finishing a job.
Clouds to the North

After work I went by Mom's house to check on her and she was working at her computer.  After we talked a bit, I went and picked up hamburgers for her and Carmen since they had a project spread out all over the dining table.  I got myself a small burger also and ate when I got home.  I took care of things in the yard but the mosquitoes were terrible! 
Clouds later on the way to Mom's house
Back in the house I worked some more on the quilt.  The backing I bought yesterday for the quilt had to be washed.  I added the rows to each other and now have the quilt top in three sections.  Ron had worked late again after going to his Mom's for supper.  My evening was quiet with time for sewing.

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