Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Monday, Monday!
September 14, 2015

Bewick's Wren on top of the bird feeder.
After taking care of things at home, like showering, getting ready for work, and eating breakfast, I went to the doctor's office to see what we should do about the allergy shots.  I arrived there about 10:00 and left there just before 12:00.  Thankfully, they weren't very busy.  Think what it would have been like if they were busy!

The nurse practitioner is the one who saw me, for which I was thankful.  She is the one I have seen most often the last 8 or 9 months and knows all that is going on without having to spend time reading the file.  I also wanted to see her because she had not pushed me to start the shots, so I felt her opinion would be the most objective.
I get photos of all kinds of birds, except hummingbirds on this feeder!
We talked for a while and decided she would contact the allergist and after doing that we agreed that I would come to their office tomorrow morning and take the shots there in a smaller dosage and see what happens.  If there is a bad reaction, I will be at the doctor's office.  She and I agreed that my allergies just get worse and worse and we need to continue to address them.  We will see how it goes.

I stopped and got lunch for Ron and me on my way to the office, but he had made arrangements to go to lunch with a man from our church.  He left shortly after I got to the office.  I spent the next two hours on paperwork; paying bills, filing, as well as waiting on customers.
El Capitan Hibiscus plant in the backyard
There is a small tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico not far from us and we are having a cloudy days with a few showers.  The clouds make it cooler and that is always good this time of the year.  The weather service tonight said that historically this is Brownsville's wettest week of the year.  Uh, oh...  We only got a little shower at the shop but must have had a downpour at the house.  The backyard had a little water standing in parts and that is unusual.  Everything is well soaked.

After work I went by Mom's house to see how she was doing and to see if she needed groceries.  She did not need any.  I stayed about 45 minutes visiting.  She and I both have some plants with some sort of disease.  Grrr.....  Don't know what it is.  Mine is on one type of plant and hers is on a different type but both look similar.  In my spare time...I need to go by a plant nursery and ask what to do about it.
Sparrow waiting line at feeder
This evening is very low-key.  We each ate leftovers for supper and Ron is watching a football game while I have been reading a book.  I should be sewing.

Today is the 14th anniversary of the death of our former pastor at First Baptist Church, Brownsville, Dr. Gordon Malkowski.  He was not here for very long.  He had only been here a year or so when he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He was an outstanding Bible student and taught us so much - much of it was when he was dying.  He was always in the pulpit even at his sickest.  His last sermon, the men carried his wheelchair to the platform so he could preach. 

One time he told me that he could be feeling terrible and when he got to the pulpit, it all went away and he was able to preach God's Word.  (Makes me feel like a whimp for staying home yesterday as I was getting over my allergic reaction.)
 The stained glass window in the new auditorium
Pastor Gordon had a staff meeting, around his hospital bed at his home, after the attack on the World Trade Center just a few days before he died.  He told the staff how he wanted the service done the Sunday following the attack.  I think he knew he would not be there, but rather he would be healed in Heaven instead of on Earth.  I thank God for Pastor Gordon's ministry here, his kindnesses to me, and our congregation.  I miss him and his sweet wife.  God allowed us to love him toward the end of his life and we did love him!  While he was here, we built our current auditorium.  The stained glass window behind the pulpit was the design he wanted.  He wanted us to focus on the cross and to always remember that Christ died on the cross for our sins. 

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