Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 4 & 5, 2015

Didn't Make it Through My To Do List
September 4 & 5, 2015

The morning rain shower did not stop this White-winged Dove
 from getting his breakfast at the Johnston Bird Cafe

These last two days have been busy with a wide variety of activities.  On Friday I took the last allergy shot in the current series and should see the allergist soon for the next set of vials of serum.  I had sent a couple of emails to the allergist and did not hear back quickly as I usually do.  On Saturday I had Ron call the doctor's office and see if she is on vacation.  They simply said she was no longer with them and that someone else would call me with an appointment.
White-winged Dove
It was allergy shot day and after I did that, I spent some time photographing the birds in the yard.  While doing the photos, we had the second of three showers for the day.  The birds have been very active the last few days. 
 Doves in the flat feeder in the rain

It was almost 11:00 when I got to the office Friday.  There was a funeral Mom wanted to attend and Ron said he was planning to go so I had him pick up Mom and I stayed to run the office.  I just knew I would not be able to hear at the service.
Sparrows are very common, but are interesting birds to watch.
A little after the funeral a couple from our Sunday School class stopped by and we spent time visiting with them.  After they left, Ron headed to Rio Hondo for a job.  Since I knew he would not be coming back, I swept and mopped as much of the showroom as I could in the time I had to do it.  I was not able to finish, but was pleased with what I did get done.
Golden-fronted Woodpecker at the hummingbird feeder
Once I had locked up at the office, I went to pick Mom up for supper.  Ron met us at the restaurant. We had a great supper at Jason's Deli.  Mom has mentioned that although I say I am missing and eagerly waiting for Blue Bell Ice Cream to return, that I do eat the ice cream at Jason's.

From there, Mom and I went to look at some bedding plants and I bought some, but that is one of the things on my list that I did not get done this weekend.  Maybe tomorrow.
Sunset Friday night

Saturday morning I was up early and did some cleaning and yard work before going to get Carmen to do some of my house keeping.  She worked hard all morning while I worked in the yard and other areas of the house, trying to stay out of her way.  I worked on weeding an area where Ron had transplanted shrimp plants a few weeks ago.  They are all well rooted now and so I pulled the grass and weeds in the area, starting a flower bed there.  The ground had been well soaked with multiple rains this week and was just right for weed pulling.  I need to make the bed deeper, but this was a start.
 Saturday bath time in the birdbath.
When I started to take Carmen back to Mom's house, she called a friend and the friend was close by and came to pick her up and saved me a trip.  I returned to the weeding with sweat dripping off my face as I worked.  It was back to organizing in the sewing room and storing an assortment of things.

It was mid-afternoon before I fixed us grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Ron spent much of the day working on the birdbath pumps and the pumps in the ponds.  He has all of them working and the birds are delighted.
This was just a stick floating in the resaca but I loved
 the way the evening colors were reflecting in the water.

It was 7:00 before I went to the grocery store and close to 8:30 by the time I got home and unloaded the purchases.  Our son Dave and his family were on their way for a visit, but had been late getting off, so it was 10:00 before they arrived and we sat up talking until well after midnight.  It is good to have them here for a visit.  I had hoped to have fresh cookies baked when they arrived, but they were about an hour ahead of the time they had given us earlier.  So much for my "to do list".


  1. Had Blue Bell today at Minute Maid Park. Have a treatment tomorrow so we came early and took in a ball game. HEB in DS is getting it but only a limited supply.

    1. Still waiting for mine!! Sounds like a nice outing. Praying that tomorrow goes well.