Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015

And, The Winners Are...
May 28, 2015

This is not the exact same photo from Tuesday's blog, but it was taken on Tuesday.  I did not get any photos taken today.  It was a busy day!  But the photo belongs here because in our grandson's Little League game tonight in the playoffs, THEY WON!  Our grandson, the cute guy at bat, scored a run!  They won tonight's game 8-6 and play tomorrow night for the Championship!  What fun!  We did not get to the game because there was a time change and our daughter-in-law forgot she had not told us.  Oh, well.  We got there at 7:30 and his game had been at 5:00.  We are delighted that he won and will do our best to be at tomorrow's game.

The rest of my day was a lot less exciting.  Ron let me sleep a little late this morning and yet I got to the office earlier than usual.  I had breakfast after I got to the office.  A little later I met the lady whose car I backed into Tuesday night (after the ball game), at the car repair place and they will fix her car Monday.  We stayed and chatted a bit and it is always good to deal with someone and find out that they are a Christian and that they are trusting God to take care of things going on around them.

Back at the office, I did a little waiting on the customers and Ron went out of a job.  He got back and before long I left.  I had an appointment this afternoon with a throat specialist to see how to deal with my tonsils that are a frequent problem.  He had several suggestions and I will try them.  He is going to run one test next week on Tuesday.

Since the doctor is a specialist in ear, nose, and throat, I told him about my Cochlear implant and he was delighted.  He said he sends all his patients with special needs to the doctor in Houston who did my surgery and said he thinks very highly of Dr. Chang, my surgeon.  I really liked this man.  His assistant who took the initial information was a young, fast talking, nervous man and I really had to have him repeat everything he said.

I returned to the office, and worked on a new experimental quilt project.  I quickly found out I needed to make some changes to the way I had thought I could do it.  I needed more contrast and variety in the colors, so it is back to the drawing board.

A little before closing time I went by Mom's and changed her medicated patch and visited for a while before going to the house to meet Ron so we could go to supper with our friends.  We had good Mexican food again and a fun visit with our friends. 

Then it was off to the baseball game at the wrong time.  From there we headed home and I chatted with one of my kids by phone and one by phone texts.  I was asking them if they needed new umbrellas yet and they both said no but one said a boat might be in order.  He agreed life jackets also might be a good idea.  He lives in the Dallas area.  The other one I talked to is in the San Antonio area.  They both say their cities are pretty water logged.

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