Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 22 & 23, 2015

Two For One, or
Having Too Much Fun to Write
May 22 & 23, 2015

The Mexican Hat Dance
Yes, today you get two blogs in one entry.  Last night we were out too late having fun with family, for me to write when we got home.  Yesterday morning I got to the office about 9:00 so Ron could go out on some jobs and be back in time for me to go to the doctor at 3:30.  Later in the day they called and moved the appointment to this morning.  That turned out to be good since it was 4:30 before Ron was back at the office.

During the day, there were long quiet stretches of no customers and other times I had three at a time in the office.  You just never know.  I paid a couple of bills and spent much of the day at the sewing machine.  I got several blocks for the string pieced quilt done; I think I now have about sixty-six made. 

A little before 5:00 I left the office and picked Mom and my sister Janet up to go to McAllen to have supper with Jeff's family and see the house they are trying to buy.  Ron met us at Jeff's after he closed the office, and we all rode together to McAllen.  Barbara took the van and the three girls.  The boys decided not to go.  The four of us rode with them. Jeff met us at Cracker Barrel for supper after he got off work.

Supper was good and they were not real busy, so service was quick.  Then we drove to the house.  It is northwest of the main part of town.  I had gone we Barbara a week or two ago to see the house, but the others (Ron, Mom, and Janet) had not yet seen it.  We had a good time checking it out and offering opinions on where to put a garden, what colors to use, etc.  I am not sure any were necessary, wanted, or helpful, but we all had opinions.  My main opinion is that they will be very happy there if everything works out and they are able to sign the papers next week.

Watching the girls play without the boys there was fun.  They danced and twirled and bounced without any brothers commenting.  One friend of mine has been encouraging me to exercise more so my oldest granddaughter and I did the Mexican Hat Dance a few times and that gets the blood flowing!

Janet needed to fly home and had not been able to get a flight out of Brownsville to meet her schedule, so we left her at a motel in McAllen where she was to spend the night before flying home this morning.  We stopped on the way home for sodas for the grown ups and juice for the girls and by the time I took Mom home, it was 11:30 when I got home.  It had been a very nice day. 
My sister Janet with two of the girls.
Hearing in the car was difficult, but was not too bad at Cracker Barrel since they were not real busy.  Coming home in the van, the hearing in the car was a little better since the girls were tired and about asleep by the time we got home.

This morning (Saturday), I was up at 6:30 for my allergy shots.  Then I did a few chores around the house before leaving at 10:00 to go to the doctor's office.  It was time for my yearly physical and I think that is just a place where they send you for tests at different specialists' offices.  All my blood work was great and so now I will have several appointments in the next few weeks.  I already had a couple lined up for this next week, so it will be a busy few weeks.

Leaving the doctor's office it was about noon and I went to a store for some items before picking up lunch for Ron and me and then headed home.  We had lunch and chatted.  His mom's helper is out of town and she had thought she could manage alone, but has now decided that isn't working so she and my mom will share Mom's helper this next week or so. 

Ron picked Carmen up at Mom's and took her to his mom's and later we both ended up napping.  The helper tried to call us but neither of us heard our cell phones.  His mom needed some help and since she couldn't reach us she got a neighbor to help.  We are glad Carmen was there and she will be there again tomorrow afternoon.

About 7:00 I went to Mom's and talked to Carmen about Ron's mom's needs and we worked out things as best we can.  Then I stayed and visited with my mom for a while and we had a good visit.  From there I went to the grocery store for some paper goods for the office and a few little things for the house.

That is about the summary of the last two days.  I am thankful for the medical care we get.  We are able to see the doctors we want (as long as they take Medicare) and we feel we are getting good care.

This afternoon I did talk to our youngest son as he was driving home from work.  We had a nice visit and we have committed to try to do that more often.  He and his wife are also ready for some sunny skies, but for all the rain the Dallas area has had, they have not had too much at their house.  They have had soaking rains, but no flood problems on the routes that they travel each day.  We are due a heavy rain tonight and tomorrow.  The thunder has started.


  1. Always nice to catch up with you. The ground is soaked here in Richardson but no flooding on my usual routes.

    1. Glad your area is safe. Our son in the Dallas area says they have not had problems on their routes. It is so good to have the lakes full throughout the state for a change. Stay safe and stay in touch.