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April 30, 2015

Celebrating a Birthday
April 30, 2015

My mom had found a Boy Scout song book that had belonged to my dad, 
which she gave to her Great Grandson for his birthday.  
Our grandson is close to earning his Eagle Scout Award and was pleased with
  her thoughtful birthday gift.  The dollar bills as book marks also made it nice.

Seventeen years ago when our first grandchild was born, he was an adorable little guy who looked so much like his dad had looked at birth.  As time has gone on, he still looks so much like his dad.  Today we celebrated his 17th birthday.  He is a nice young man who loves the Lord and his family, and we are so proud of him.
 Five new little kittens were born at Jeff and Barb's house while they were out of town.  They still don't have their eyes open, but all have names except the one on the left.
 How does the mother cat get all 5 of them to sleep at once?
The day started with me getting up early and heading to the office about the usual time.  I had been so sleepy and really wanted to go back to sleep but went to work anyway.  During the morning at the office I waited on some customers and did a little bookkeeping since it was the end of the month.

Ron was out of the office much of the day so in the afternoon when it got slow, I did some sewing.  I got five blocks made on the string pieced quilt.  After work I needed to stop and pick up some things at the drug store and then got Mom and Carmen so we could go to Jeff and Barb's for a birthday supper.  While we were waiting for Jeff to arrive with the pizza and the birthday boy to get home from taking his brother to baseball practice, I met the new kittens.  Since I am allergic to cats, I did not handle them, but enjoyed seeing them.

We had a good time and it is always good to get together - Birthdays just make it extra special.  Instead of birthday cake, we had brownies and cookies.  They were delicious.  Mom was having a great time and I had to almost drag her out so I could go home and get some rest and she could get things ready at her house for a visit with my brother.

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