Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015

Hoping to Make a Quilter
Out of My Sister
May, 19, 2015

Breakfast is served!

This morning I was up early since it was allergy shot day.  After giving myself the shots, I baked a banana cake and then spent time in the yard filling the bird feeders and putting out oranges.  Ron has been watering the yard so the ponds were all full.  After Ron left for the office, I did some dishes and a little cleaning. 
 Female Golden-fronted Woodpecker
It was about 10:00 when I got to the office.  I was working at my computer and it just suddenly went off.  I knew Ron was trying to get things together for a job, but I told him about my computer.  He tried several things and finally went out in the alley to check the breaker box and found someone had thrown the breaker for the circuit that controls the computers.  I paid a couple of bills and before I knew it, it was time for lunch.  Ron had said he was leaving on a job after I had my lunch so I hurried and then it was 2:30 at least before he left.  I moved to the sewing machine and got 5 quilt blocks made.  I now have 54 of the string-pieced blocks made. 
Here is Carmen with my string-pieced quilt layout growing in the background

The afternoon was slow, but there were enough customers to keep me bouncing up and down from the sewing machine, to wait on them.  When Ron got back, I was able to leave to come home and get ready for the quilters.  We had 6 of us in all tonight.  I worked on a couple of little projects, but mostly visited.  About the time everyone left I started cutting some additional 6 1/2" squares for my sister for a quilt she hopes to finish.
Janet, Mom, and Carmen
After the rest of the quilters left, Mom, Janet, and Carmen stayed about another hour and I finished cutting out squares for the quilt Janet wants to make.  We had fun looking at the fabrics and hope to put the top together tomorrow evening.

When I was at the shop this afternoon while Ron was out, I kept hearing all sorts of noises and finally when I got home I checked the sound processor and it was too loud.  I had a noisy afternoon!

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