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May 26, 2015

Can I Back-Up and Try Again?
May 26, 2015

Our grandson at bat
It turned out that Ron and I both had doctor's appointments this morning.  His had originally been a different day but the doctor's office changed it.  I had a six-month check up with the heart doctor.  Ron had a 6-month check up with the Dermatologist.  Both of us had early appointments so we went our separate ways.  My appointment was quick and he said I was doing fine and to come back in six months.  Ron's doctor said to come back in 2 weeks so he could finish what he started today.

After my appointment, I arrived at the office ahead of Ron.  I waited on customers and paid a couple of bills.  I read a little and spent time working on paperwork that is piled on my desk.  Once Ron arrived we were both kept busy with customers.  I left for a bit to get us some lunch and ended up picking up tamales and they were wonderful!  It had been a while since I had gotten any. 
Baseball has a lot of standing and waiting...
After work I went by Mom's house and visited with her for a while before we decided to go to supper at Luby's and then to my grandson's Little League game.  Supper was good and the game was great.  We had a nice breeze and time to visit with our daughter-in-law and several of the grandchildren who had come to the game.  They actually were playing a "play-off" game.  They lost, but will play the same team later this week. 
and waiting...
As Mom and I were leaving, I checked around the car to be sure no children were in the area before I backed out, but I apparently missed seeing the car parked along the side of the narrow road at the ball park, and backed into the car.  No one was in it thankfully, so no one was hurt and it is a relatively small dent in the back side door of the lady's van.  My Suburban fared much better; no damage.  Fortunately someone told the lady and she came out.  I would not have known where to start looking for her since their are several fields at this location.
 ...and the fans wait
We exchanged information and my daughter-in-law showed up to talk to the lady also.  The lady was to call today, but I have not heard anything from her or had any response from my emails, so we will see what she finds out on repairs.  Ron had already left the game, but I think one of the grandchildren called him and he came back.  He said (jokingly - I hope) he would take my keys away.  I handed them to him and told him he could take Mom home and a few more things I needed to do and got my keys back.  I have been trying to be extra careful lately because I see so many people running red lights and speeding as they weave through traffic.  Then I go and back into someone. 
 ...and the players wait,
Back at home, it was not long before I was asleep in the recliner where I stayed until I woke up at 3:30 this morning and moved to the bed.  I guess I was tired.  
...for a little bit of action!

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