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May 10, 2015

A Very Lovely Mother's Day
May 10, 2015

Our son with his youngest child after lunch as he and his dad visited.

Today Ron and I were a little late getting up, but we were ready on time to get to Sunday School.  I stopped by the lunchroom at the church and our son Jeff was there with two of his boys.  I was able to visit for a bit with him.  Last night I had talked with our son, Dave, and had a card from son Stephen. 
Our oldest grandson playing several selections for my mom

Our time in Sunday school was good and the lesson was well presented.  I left a little early to go get my mom for the worship service.  Today was the Children's Spring Musical.  Our two oldest granddaughters were in it and the message in the musical was very good.  It was focused on doing something.  We can talk about our love for God, but we need to do things for others to show that love.  It is not our "works" (the things we do) that grant us salvation, but  rather it is God's grace that secures us a place in Heaven.  We don't do the good works to prove how much we love God, but we do them BECAUSE we love God.
Veggies for lunch
After church, one of the girls came home with us so we could pick up desserts for lunch and change clothes.  When we arrived, lunch was almost ready.  Our oldest grandson was playing a private piano concert for my mom.  Then one of the girls played also.  I helped Barb get lunch on the table and we had a great lunch of lasagna, mixed vegetables, and salad. 
Lasagna for lunch
For dessert I had brought two white cakes; one had chocolate frosting and one had white icing with peppermint on top.  Both were well received and most wanted a little of each, not being able to make a selection.  All that was lacking was Blue Bell Ice Cream!

I had baked both cakes late last night and frosted the one with chocolate frosting, but had not yet frosted the one with white icing when we came to pick them up.  So I quickly mixed up the icing and our Granddaughter helped decorate it quickly.

This sweet granddaughter had decorated this cake we brought for lunch.

We enjoyed visiting and watching the children play.  It was a good afternoon.  When it was time to come home, one of the boys wanted to come with us and so we brought him home with us and made a stop to leave Mom at her house.
 Mom listening to her private piano concert for Mother's Day
When we arrived at home my grandson and I spent time in the yard looking at the plants he helped Grandpa plant a couple of weeks ago and filling bird feeders, and ponds, and putting out fruit for the woodpeckers. 
Our grandson putting out an orange for the woodpeckers to feed their babies.
Then he spent the next hour playing quietly with my miniature General Store like he and one of his sisters often do.  I think he wished he had asked for his sister to come with him.  They play very well together.  He spent time in the Lego room playing and building with those little bricks.
One of our granddaughters playing piano selections for my mom before lunch

Later my grandson and I made Rick Krispie treats and he took a pan of them home to share with the other grandchildren.  While we were getting set up to do the treats, I turned on the TV to the weather station to see about storms in the Dallas area.  They were broadcasting live video of a water rescue from flooding north of Dallas.  We prayed together for those in danger and watched as two men were rescued by helicopter from a pick up truck.  They had driven into an area that was flooding and ended up trapped in the rising waters.  We cheered and thanked God when the men were put safely on land in a safe spot.  Ron took him home just before dark.  While they were gone I spent time in the kitchen and then read for a little bit.
Three sweet smiles
Our son in the Dallas area called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and we had a good visit.  The bad weather was not causing any problems in the area where they live.  I talked to him for a while and then to his wife.  She is just about to finish a class she is taking as she works on her Master's degree and then has three more weeks with her students at the school where she teaches.  She has had a hard semester as a new bride, a teacher, and a student herself. 
The kittens at our son's house now have their eyes open
Later I talked to our son in New Mexico when he called with Mother's Day wishes, and later talked to his wife.  By then I was so tired, we didn't talk long.  It had been a good day and I thank God for the four outstanding sons that God has allowed me to be mother to for all these years.  They have each selected a wife who loves them and loves the Lord.  Whatever hard times they go through can be overcome with God's help as they strive to serve the Lord together. 

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