Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015

Activity Filled Day
May 13, 2015

Male Mallard
This morning I was up early for my allergy shots.  These were the last two in this set of shots.  Friday I move to the next strength for four weeks.  The time seems to be going rapidly.  I have now been taking them for 8 weeks.

Very little got done before I went to the office.  I did take care of the fountains and ponds and took a few photos in the yard.  I got to the office about 10:00 and then left soon after that to pick up some prescriptions for my mom.  She was up eating breakfast looking great when I arrived at her house with the medications.  I could not stay and visit because Ron had 3 jobs to go out on.
Black-bellied Whistling Duck
Back at the office, I started working on tying up some loose ends on end of the month things (now that this month is almost 1/2 over)!  It mostly consisted of filing assorted papers and being sure I had my file copies of the reports in the right place.
Petunia just starting to open
It was 2:00 before I finished my lunch following a variety of interruptions.  Once I had finished and cleaned up my mess, I decided to be sure all the bills were paid up to date (they were) and then sewed for about an hour or more.  I got four more blocks on the string pieced quilt made, bringing the total completed to 38 blocks.
 White-winged Dove in hanging basket
Ron got back around 3:00 and I went to the allergist to pick up the medication for the next level of injections.  Back at the office, late in the afternoon, I prepared a bank deposit and took it to the bank at closing time.  From there I came home and put away the medication since it must be refrigerated, and then left to go to our son's home for a while. 

Our son was out of town and so I had supper with his wife and the three youngest children.  The older children were at church activities.  We had a good visit and I left about the time our son arrived home from his conference in San Antonio. 

On my way home I stopped for milk and bread and then another stop for a bag of ice.  It was after 9:00 when I got home.  Again today, I did fine at the office with my hearing, but at our son's home, one of his boys enjoys making noises and he would drown out other conversation.  He is adorable and I know he is just trying to be sure he gets his fair share of attention.  He was missing his dad a lot and was glad when his dad arrived home.

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