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May 15, 2015

What a Day!
May 15, 2015

Up early!  Allergy shot day.  Then I had to be at the doctor's office by 8:30 for fasting blood work.  I was there about 8:15 and was soon called in.  The young female nurse tried twice to get the blood, but gave up.  She returned with a young male nurse - a young man I really like for his quick smile and caring way.  He tried twice and gave up.  They both looked at me with a look that said, "Well, what do we do now?"

They did not have the very thin needle they wanted, to try again, so I asked them to get me an order that I could take to a lab in Harlingen that I use that has an amazingly adept young man who gets the vein the first try every time with me.  They did so and after checking with Ron I headed to Harlingen.  There, as always, the young man did it perfectly on the first try, leaving no trace of his "blood sucking" except for my allergic reaction to his band-aid.  

On my way back I had to stop at the house for a couple of things and then was at the office by just after 10:30.  I spent the morning on paperwork and on the computer.  I did order some fabric early in the morning.  There is a quilt company that I place orders with often.  They have a Daily Deal that is usually at least 45% off and sometimes 90% off.  I had ordered a set of fabrics last week and they had arrived Thursday.

The truth is, I buy a lot of fabric.  I do not hide it from my husband.  Most of it is in glass front cabinets in the sewing room and can easily be seen.  When I order fabric, it comes to the office and often he is the one who accepts the package.  Ron doesn't care; but he also doesn't really care what it looks like.  He is content that I am content.  He rarely asks what I bought.  He doesn't rave about my quilts usually.  He believes my workmanship is good, but quilting is my hobby, not his.  Same goes for me.  I am not into his hobby.  But, there had been a beautiful set of fabric on sale last weekend and I just could not pass it up.

Thursday evening, we were sitting in my sewing room chatting and I said, "I know you really don't care, but let me show you what was in that package that arrived today."  When I showed it to him, he looked thoughtful for a minute and then said, "This isn't enough for a quilt.  You should have bought another set."  So, I did.  He didn't have to tell me twice.

Back to my day; Ron left on several jobs and I finished up some bookkeeping work and about 1:15 decided it was time for lunch.  Ron had left the office about 11:30 and not one customer had come in.  I got my lunch out, got my drink, and had the first bite on my fork and a customer came in.  Never fails!  For the next 30 minutes, it was one customer after another.  While Ron was out, the quilt shop in Harlingen (where I had been an hour or two earlier) called to say the quilts I had left there to be quilted were ready.  They would have to wait for another day.

Once Ron returned, he offered to let me go home but I had a commitment later in the day at the office.  There is a sweet couple in our church who do missionary work in the area at a Christian, Spanish radio station.  The wife is in our quilt group.  She was out of town Mother's Day visiting her mother and sisters.  So the husband planned a late Mother''s Day celebration for her.  He had set up a treasure trail for her to follow with one of their daughters.  Her first stop was our office where I gave her a vase, a red rose (artificial), a puzzle piece, and a clue as to her next stop.
This is my friend, Dolores, and she had just received her vase (to hold the roses she would get at each stop during the treasure trail hunt).  What fun to see ways that couples show each other how much they love and appreciate their spouses.  It reminded me of an event I planned for Ron many years ago.

For the first time, I was going to be away from him on our anniversary.  It was around 20-25 years ago.  Ron often brings me pink carnations for special occasions and so I asked many friends to eachdeliver a pink carnation to him on our anniversary and to tell him that Linda loves him.  The funny thing is, the first one he got was from a friend of ours (from our Sunday School class) who I had dated in high school.  The last one he received was from a couple from our Sunday School class and Ron had dated the wife in high school.  In all, I think he got about 60 carnations and hopefully a feeling that his wife loves him a lot!

After Dolores left, I went to our son's home (he is out of town) and picked up the 5 youngest grandchildren to take to our house for the night so their mother could work on packing.  We had to trade cars so I would have enough car seats to be legal in transporting them.  What a fun evening we had.  We started by stopping at Mom's to get her to join us for the evening and then stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken  to get a yummy supper.

Following supper we built small Gingerbread houses.  I found the set on an after-Christmas sale for 90% off and we had 100% fun with it.  The photos scattered through the blog are of that event.  Giggles, candy, and grandchildren make a great combination.
We had a good time and then it was time for baths, hair washing and bedtime.  Some went along with those things better than others.  Ron took Mom home while I worked on bath time for the children.  It was a good day.

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