Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14, 2015

What Would We Do Without Friends?
May 14, 2015

String pieced quilt squares - project in progress

This was one of the rare days when I had to open up at the office.  That meant I had to be at the office by 8:15.  Actually I was there about 7:45.  I don't like to start work the minute I walk in the door.  I would rather hurry at home than be trying to get the office ready for customers with some waiting at the door.  Although it would not have mattered this morning; the morning was very quiet.

Ron had an appointment for blood work at the doctor's office first thing this morning.  He got to the office about 9:30 I think.  I spent most of the morning working on a little paper work and a little cleaning.  After Ron got to the office, I did some sewing.  I got several of the string-pieced quilt squares made today and now have 43 complete.  I am enjoying the process and I am making a SMALL dent in my mountain of scraps. 

I had a doctor's appointment at 2:00 so I left the office about 1:30.  I needed to see both the Nurse Practitioner and the Allergist.  I needed to give some paper work to the allergist along with the leftover serum from the last set of allergy shots.  The visit with the Nurse Practitioner was just for a medication refill and I have set up to have my yearly physical done probably next week.  I will have the blood work done early tomorrow morning.

When I left the doctor's office, I went by Mom's house to take some things to her.  I had recently cashed a check for her and forgot to give her the money or return her driver's license so I took those to her.  We visited briefly and then I returned to work.  I was able to update the checkbook, file some papers, and wait on a few customers.  A couple from our Sunday School class came to the office and and stayed to visit for a while, and just before they left, a man from our church came in to bring some things and stayed to talk a bit.  Visits from friends while we are at the office are a real treat.  It was a good afternoon.  About 4:30 I came home and before long Ron met me and we joined our friends for supper.

As my title to the blog says, "What would we do without friends?"  I think we all know how in a crisis we often need the help, love, and encouragement of friends.  But we need friends on a more regular basis.  Ron and I are blessed to be friends with a couple that we get together with regularly.  I think this has been going on for close to 20 years.  It is a blessing that Ron enjoys spending time talking with the man as much as I enjoy talking to the wife.  It is fun to see my husband laugh with his friend as they enjoy their time together.  The lady and I cover a wide range of topics in our conversations from work situations to our children, garage sales, and projects.  It is good to relax with them.  To laugh with them.  To share prayer requests with them. To just share the good and bad of everyday life and the things God has for us to do.  Our talents are different, our backgrounds are different, but we all love the Lord and enjoy spending time together.  I am thankful for their friendship.

At home, Ron continued to try to find and repair a leak under the kitchen sink.  He finally found the problem, but will probably have to replace the entire faucet set.

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  1. And I am thankful for all four of blessed to call you my friends. Love you dearly!