Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016

The Lovely Landreth Ladies
April 7, 2016

It is not often that all the ladies in my family get together.  My mom lives here in town so I see her often.  One sister lives near the Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport and is able to fly down fairly often; the the other sister lives in Idaho a long way from a major airport and only comes about once every year or so.  This week, we are all together in town and tonight we went to supper at Pepe's Mexican Food Restaurant.  We had good food and a good visit.  A lot gets squeezed into these visits.

Mom has scheduled several doctor's appointments while my sisters are here to get her to and from the visits.  They have done some shopping.  We will do a lot of good eating. 

My day was spent on my computer.  Finally I had a working computer on my desk.  The repairman has it all working, but not all the things back in it that were in it before the problems.  He thinks a power failure caused the problems.  He came back late this afternoon and did a little more tweeking and I will probably have him come back one day next week to add anything I am missing. 

I was able to get the statements printed for our customers and will get them out in the mail tomorrow.  I did have him download one game for me.  There were none on it after the previous work.  He offered to download others, but one temptation is enough.
The baby of the family, Janet, then me, 
next Mom, and last the middle sister, Debra.

My sister from Idaho had an emergency dental appointment this afternoon.  I picked her up after that and then we met Mom and our other sister who had been at one of Mom's appointments.  Supper was relaxing and good. 

From there, I came home and slept for a few hours.  When I woke up it was about 10:45 and I called our son in New Mexico.  He said his wife was not doing well from pain in her knee.  She has had 3 blood clots in the leg for about a month, but this pain was new.  She will see another doctor first thing in the morning after seeing two today.  Wish I could hop a plane and be out there with them.  Our son was to be out of town next week but will cancel that trip.

There are so many things going on.  It seems my prayer list stays long.  Many prayers are answered and can be removed from the list, but there are always more to add.  God answers prayers.  Sometimes with a quick, "Yes" while other times it is, "Wait" or "No".  It is a matter of trusting Him that His plan is always the best.


  1. So happy you have such a great relationship with your sisters. Haven't had that in years with mine.....her choice. Your mom looks so good and so happy....thrills me to death! Keep me posted on Vickey.

    1. I am blessed with good siblings. Mom is doing well. Always looks nice and has a smile. Talked to Vickey today, they are going to do an MRI tomorrow and she will get results Tuesday. She is requesting lots of prayers. She is in a lot of pain.