Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 16, 2016

Relaxing, Cloudy Saturday
April 16, 2016

Pink oleander out back next to the water

This morning I was able to sleep late and was up at 8:30.  Why???  Why can't I sleep late on the days when I could?  I did spend the morning being lazy.  I started some laundry, fixed some breakfast and then read for a while.  I spent time in the yard off and on all day.

My sister who was visiting Mom was leaving today to fly back to her corner of the world in the Northwestern United States.  I picked her up about 1:00 to take her to the airport.  Mom rode with us and after my sister left, Mom and I headed to the grocery store.  After shopping, I took Mom home and then came home to unload and put away my groceries. 
Ron was working in the yard and I was in and out during the rest of the afternoon after I ate a little lunch.  He got the third grape vine planted and I am eager to see if it does well in the spot where he put it.  Our yard is very shady and it is often hard to find places that get enough sunshine for many of the plants. 

Our evening was quiet.  I talked to our kids in New Mexico and exchanged texts with a granddaughter in McAllen.  They are so excited about finally getting puppies.  They have wanted a dog for so long.

During the evening I found that I had an email from a friend with questions about my hearing loss.  Her sister-in-law suffered Sudden Hearing Loss a couple of weeks ago and she asked about some of my experiences.  It sounds like she got immediate treatment, but so far the hearing has not returned.  Over the three years of this blog, so many of you have said you had never heard of Sudden Hearing Loss, but as time passes, some of you are sharing that now you do know someone now who has suffered the loss.  It is my hope that you will pass on this blog location to them and suggest that they start reading at the beginning to see what can help them.
Sometimes, the help, is just to know that they aren't alone.  None of us want others to suffer from things we have suffered through, but knowing there are others out there who got through it, can sometimes help.  So, just a reminder:  If you, or someone you know suddenly becomes deaf in one or both ears, that is a medical emergency.  Don't just wait around seeing if it gets better.  Yes, it might just be stopped up, but it might not be and immediate treatment is necessary to have any hope of restoring the hearing.

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