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April 12, 2016

Digging Deep
April 12, 2016

This morning I went out about 9:30 to see if the men from the utility company had started working yet.  Three men were out in the back yard where they had marked off a spot yesterday.  It was so funny.  One was sitting on the digging machine, while two were leaning on their shovels.  I went back out at 10:00 and the scene was exactly the same.

I sent Ron a text asking is anything was going on at work and he said the power was off.  I told him to send me one when it was back on.  At 11:00 he sent a text to say it was back on.  I went to the yard and the scene was the same and the guys laughed and said the others had just arrived.  I told them the only reason I was still there was that the power was off at my office.  They said oh yes, they knew about it; a bird had caused the outage.  While we chatted 5 or 6 more men arrived.  I loaded my car and left.

We were not sure why the men had decided to dig in another place but later found out they were moving the line.  About 30 years ago our neighbor across the side street had put in a swimming pool and the line had to be moved.  They did not mark that on the maps and didn't do a real good job of laying it out in an effective manner, so they were making it flow better; and in the process, they would avoid having to dig up my waterfall and our playhouse in the backyard.

They dug a hole about 5 feet deep and of course as often happens in Brownsville, especially by the water, they hit water at 3 feet.  I don't know how they do this stuff in the muddy water.  These men have been so very nice to us, and we are trying to be very nice to them.  The work is for our benefit and any grass that is messed up will grow back.

This afternoon, they leveled out the area Ron had dug up over the last few weeks preparing for them (and then they ended up working in another area).  It was just a nice thing for them to do and with their equipment, it probably didn't take them 5 minutes and would have taken Ron all afternoon.

At the office, I did not get much done except for waiting on customers.  I had some very nice customers and one who was confused.  After work I went by Mom's but she was at a doctor's visit - my sister had taken her.  So I came home and worked in the yard for a while.

During the evening I talked to our son in Dallas.  They are still waiting for some of their remodeling to be finished.  They are doing fine other than being tired of walking around boxes while the work is being done on the house.  I think they finally have all their choices made, so maybe it will be done soon.

Then I talked to our son and his wife in New Mexico.  This daughter-in-law is the one who has had the blood clots in her leg and has had a lot of knee pain.  They have determined that she has a torn meniscus.  She will have a long slow recovery, but it should heal without surgery.

Just before going to bed, I mixed up a batch of cookies to bake in the morning.

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