Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5, 2016

Same Song, Second Verse
April 5, 2016

The computer has now been wiped clean; Don't really know what that can mean.
The programs are now all put back;  But the files that were in them we lack.
I'm singing the ol' 'puter blues.

The computer repair man spent most of the day at the office working on my computer.  He had downloaded everything to save on another device, and then cleaned the computer of any virus or other problem, but I am about to run out of patience.  Do you remember the old commercial where the auto repair guy sees the fancy sports car and says, "I always wanted to work on one of these!"

My day was spent waiting on customers and reading.  I did some filing of both last year's receipts that have shown up in the time since I boxed all of last year's files away, and current filing.  It is frustrating when I need to get customer statements in the mail.  I am looking at new computers.  Ron gave me information on one today and he thought it would be just what I needed only it turned out to have just about all that my current one has - no improvement.

After work, I came home and spent some time in the yard after reading a little.  I transplanted some ferns and did a little other work, but did not stay out long.  I had been planning to go to the airport about midnight to pick up my sister, but my other sister is also coming and their flight has been delayed, so they will take a cab to Mom's house.  Oh, well.

Late in the evening, I talked to our oldest son.  He is going to have to have a tooth pulled tomorrow.  I can sympathize with him.  I am so tired of dental work!  It just dawned on my that tonight's blog sure includes a lot of complaining.  Sorry about that.   

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