Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016

A Nice Monday
April 18, 2016

These sweet miniature roses were brown in the middle when
 they started to open.  Wonder why?  Now they are so lovely.

Monday mornings can be difficult, but mine was fine.  I got to the office a little later than I wanted, but that seems to be my style these days.  Ron was doing some cleaning and I did a little of my own: gathered trash, did some filing, shredded a stack of papers, and waited on a few customers.  Ron took care of most of the ones in the morning, but I did several in the afternoon.
Hanging basket of Marigolds.

As I checked Facebook postings, I found that our daughter-in-law's presentation she gave last Friday evening was posted on Youtube, (at least one hour of it) so I greatly enjoyed watching the program.  She had spoken to a group of 40 adults (men and women) and did a very good job.  A man had agreed to make a video of the program for her and he did a very nice job.  Her husband, our oldest son, will be speaking later this week to coworkers (about 70 people) on some things he had worked on in grad school and that are now in the news in his field.  We are so pleased God is using the talents of each of our sons and their spouses.  Each one is uniquely gifted and is where God wants to use them.
 Ron moving book case into garage.

Lunch was a chicken sandwich I had made at home and it was great.  In the afternoon I kept an eye on the weather forecast.  Houston was getting such terrible flooding and Corpus was having heavy rains.  Our rain was due in the evening and that is when we got it.  What a storm.  We had LOTS of thunder and lightening and a good amount of rain.  Ron just mounted my rain gauge this evening so in the morning, I will check it and see how much we got.
About 9:45 p.m. with a lightening flash to brighten the photo
Ron had work to do in the yard again and I was in and out this evening helping him a little.  We had a good time talking about our kids and Ron got done the jobs he had hoped to accomplish.  I talked to our son in Dallas to check about their weather and he said they were fine - very little rain.  Then I checked on our son in San Antonio and they had a heavy rain last night.  Last, I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.
This was taken near 10:00 when there was lightening.  
It lit up the area very well!
Following the phone calls I spent time enjoying the lightening, the thunder, and the rain.  It was fun trying to get lightening photos, but the lightening was not visible, only a bright glow, not a streak of lightening.  I did have the sense that things were getting hit with cloud to ground lightening, but didn't have a good view of any of those. 
Pouring rain.  Heavy lightening.  Lots of thunder.
The same view without lightening.

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