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April 9, 2016

A Busy Saturday,
With Wonderful Helpers

April 9, 2016

Saturday morning I got up early as Ron woke me according to my request.  I had a lot to do before going to the church to prepare for a meal for a family who would be having an afternoon funeral for their loved one.  Our Sunday School class was providing the meal and one of the ladies had called different ones to ask for help.  All who were called were more than willing to help. 

First I needed to gather tablecloths, napkins, tableware, serving dishes, serving spoons and table decorations.  We were using the youth building with round tables and the tablecloths I had for our son's wedding rehearsal dinner a year and a half ago were perfect for the day.  They were a neutral color and I had the matching cloth napkins.  I used the flowers from the last Winter Texan Banquet I hosted, with one large arrangement on the serving counter and small arrangements on the tables in simple "jelly glasses". 

I had most of those things taken care of before the other helpers started coming but when they arrived, I put them all to work.  We had lots of food and lots of help serving.  We had at least a dozen helpers and they all did a great job.  I was so thankful for the help.  One of the men had fixed brisket and brought it sliced and ready to serve.  We had 3 or 4 kinds of salads, green beans, corn, rolls, and 8 or 10 desserts.  Everything was so well done. 

Many of the leftovers went with one of the ladies who has a ministry in Mexico and I know it feed some hungry people there.  Ron and packed up everything in the car after the meal and had time to bring it home and quickly change clothes and get to the funeral in time.  It was a packed sanctuary at the funeral home, with many people standing in the back.  There were more flowers than  I have seen at a funeral in 40 years.
Ron transplanted about 5 rather large plants along this side
 of the house.  He had cut them back but the root systems are huge.
Everyone loves the young widow and her family and apparently it was the same with the family of her husband who had died.  I did not know him well, but many of his family were there and lots of his friends.  The young man was 40 years old and died waiting for a liver transplant.  Everyone knew how seriously ill he had been so his death had not been a shock, but rather a great disappointment.  We had all been praying that he would get the transplant and be restored to health.  They had only been married about a year and a half.

After the service Ron and I came home.  I was exhausted and quickly went to sleep for a couple of hours.  Once I woke up, I worked in the yard for a while.  Ron had been working in the yard while I slept. 

In the house I ran the first load of laundry and the first load of dishes from the meal at the church.  That was about as far as I got.  I did not finish unpacking boxes.
Six weeks ago this area was solid with bushes and trees.

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