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April 26, 2016

Time to Have Blood Work
April 26, 2016

This was a frustrating day at the doctor's office.  We usually see the Nurse Practitioner which is who I saw today.  She seemed to be in a hurry and did not go over all the things I needed to deal with.  They were busy, but not as much as last time I was there.  They were to do blood work first and they put me in a room and said they would be back in a minute to do the blood work and then forgot about my lab work.  The nice thing is that the young woman who drew the blood did a perfect job.  No pain and the tiniest bruise I have had in a while at this office.

In the end the Nurse Practitioner had told me she was going to switch me to a different medication, but instead just doubled the dosage of the current one.  This afternoon I went to the drug store and talked to a pharmacist there and got some answers that were helpful.  Just a little frustrated.

At the office Ron kept busy and went out on one job right after lunch.  Late afternoon got busy, which is rare.  The day was another very windy one and the doors kept blowing open, ringing the chimes, making us think a customer had come in.  That reminds me, last week a man who manages several businesses in a national chain was in and I was telling him I had walked out of one the previous week because no one would wait on me.  He decided he needed a door chime installation like we have.  Ron just bought the parts and installed it himself. 

After work I stopped by a funeral home to make a visit to a friend whose husband passed away a few days ago.  He had been sick for a long time and it was not unexpected, but it is always sad to lose someone special.  I grew up with the wife in church and in our neighborhood.  I did not know her husband well.

From there, I went home and ate supper.  I did a little cleaning during the evening, but not too much.  Late in the evening I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  Her nephew had just suffered a painful injury in spring practice for football.  If the two of them lived closer together, they could both lay on the couches with their legs propped up and have a good visit.

Yesterday I forgot to mention that we were surprised and delighted when a friend stopped by with a goodie basket for us.  There was a large jar of honey from the area and some delicious baked goods, all in a basket I can use on the table to hold napkins.  It was so thoughtful for her to do that for us.  She is one of the many kind friends God has put into our lives.  

Oh, I guess the best news of the day is that the remodel job at our son and daughter-in-law's house in
Dallas progressed yesterday.  It had been on hold while they waited for cabinets for the kitchen to be completed, but they were installed yesterday!  They are so delighted.  There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

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