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April 22, 2016

Time to Catch Up!
April 22, 2016

Again I am playing catch up with the blog.  There have not been lots of events that are Cochlear related, but in another way, everything is Cochlear related.  Without my Cochlear implant, my world would be so very different.  It is hard in some ways to imagine what it would be like for me to be deaf for the rest of my life.  At this time 3 years ago, I in the midst of the testing and scheduling for my implant.  With the implant, there is not a guarantee that it will work but the vast majority of the surgeries do provide hearing for the patient.  I am so thankful that for me, it worked and that immediately I was able to hear things as I had before - there are still times I have to have things repeated, but I had that problem before.

Friday was a good day.  I spent about 45 minutes in the yard before going to the office.  I love starting my day that way.  Things at the office were fine.  Ron was out on a job for a while and I had several customers while he was gone.  Then as has happened often lately, Friday afternoon was quiet.  I did a little cleaning and some restocking.  We had a salesman in earlier in the week and the things we had ordered arrived, so I worked on putting them on the display racks.  I prepared a bank deposit and got that done.

Ron needed to take supper to his mother after work.  I had tried to get a Saturday appointment last week and this week for a haircut and the only time she could take me was 5:30 on Friday afternoon.  So I took that appointment.  Ron and I normally eat with my mom after work on Fridays, but we changed plans and after my haircut, I went to pick Mom up for supper and Ron ate with his mom.  Mom and I ate at Pepe's again and had a good time "people watching" while we ate.  We had a table right next to the front and enjoyed seeing the variety of people.  It seemed to be an evening of adorable little toddler girls.

After supper, Mom and I went to the grocery store and got our shopping done.  It was nice to get it done on a Friday evening and not have to get out and do it Saturday.  I took Mom home and carried in our purchases and left them for her to put away or for her to wait until her helper got home for a service at her church.  By the time I got home, Ron was sleeping.  It was a quiet evening for me.

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