Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Monday Morning With
 Some Grandchildren
April 25, 2016

Working on closing the opening for the stuffing.
Last night I must have slept very well in the recliner since I slept until 8:30 and the two grandchildren who were here had gotten up at 7:30.  They were enjoying playing with the General Store when I got up.  We all had breakfast right away since some of their siblings were due to be here at 9:30.  Our grandson got his shower and got dressed as soon as he finished breakfast.
All finished!
Before long we put away the General Store and other miniature furnishings before the younger children arrived.  The grandson who had spent the night and his mom had plans for part of the morning  so I had the other 4 of the children.  The two oldest boys had not come; they were helping on a mission project for a few hours before they got back to their home schooling.
Fabric selection
The kids played with everything they could think of like Beanie Babies, Legos, Fisher-Price toys, and the sewing machines.  The oldest of the girls had a sore throat and rested while she was here.  Three of the children spent time at the sewing machines and the youngest of the children, for the first time expressed interest in sewing.  There was not time to let her do it this morning, but I gave her a stack of fabric squares to look through and select some for a quilt for her teddy bear.  She made some excellent choices and one of her sisters quickly pieced it for her.
Putting the quilt top together for her baby sister.
Their mom and brother returned and we visited for a while as the children picked up toys and fabrics.  The youngest of the boys made a pillow for the stuffed toy he sleeps with, but decided that he wanted it to be a pin cushion after it was made.  I helped him with the sewing machine and he did the hand sewing to finish it.  He loves to hand sew. 
Sewing is so much fun!!
It was about 12:15 when they left and I got ready to go to the office.  Ron and I ate lunch when I got to the office.  It was quiet today.  He went out on a job or two and I did some bookkeeping chores. 

After work I went by Mom's.  My sister from Ft. Worth was here.  My brother and his wife had been here for a few hours in the middle of the day.  They had invited me to lunch, but I needed to spend some time at the office.  My brother and his wife had returned home, but my sister, Mom, and I went to supper at Luby's before they went to do some shopping and I came home.  At supper I used the Cochlear mini mic and could hear my sister very well.  We had a good visit at supper.

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