Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6, 2016

Are You Tired of My Song?
April 6, 2016

The miniature red rose bushes are blooming nicely.
My Computer Blues song is getting old; the computer guy sitting in my office every day getting old!  He was back this afternoon to try to get my bookkeeping program working.  I had taken a back up disc that I made at the end of January of the bookkeeping program, so he could use that.  It would mean I would have to enter 2 months of transactions, but I could do that easily.  He spent a couple of hours trying to find that information in the things he had downloaded from Carbonite.  He finally gave up and used my disc and had it restored in a couple of minutes.  After I left he found what he had been looking for so I will only have to enter a few transactions.  He will be back tomorrow.

Somehow I managed to get to the office with out either of my Kindles, so I did not have reading to do to pass the time.  I used an old computer on the other desk in my office and manged to do most of my monthly reports on it.  Now all I need is the balance in the accounts once I am able to use my computer.

Ron was out of the office for several hours.  I had seen the public utility trucks in front of our house before I left for work and had stopped to talk to one of the men.  They are replacing all the underground cables in our neighborhood.  They are ahead of their schedule as we had figured it.  So I asked him when he expected to work at our house and he said the start of next week.  They are hoping to replace the cables without tearing up the yard.  In most of the area they have been able to do it that way.

When I got to the office this morning I mentioned to Ron that they were just a couple of doors down from us, so he came and talked to the foreman for a long time.  The man was very nice.  The utility company sent letters out to all homes in the area about 6 or 8 months ago telling what they would be doing and inviting people to come to a meeting where they would explain it and answer questions.  Ron and one other person showed up.  They spent a long time explaining what they were doing and how it would impact the home owners.  This man said that some customers have been so angry when he would need access to their yards that he would have to call for help.

 If these people had just gone to the meeting...  When the cable was laid 40 years ago, it had a life expectancy of 30 - 35 years. I think it is great that they are replacing the cables.  I love living in an area with underground utilities.  Few areas in our city have them underground.  It is such a shame that people get upset about things like that.  They have promised to repair anything they damage, but the way it is being done, there is probably no damage. 

This day has been difficult in several ways.  I have really been patient with the computer guy.  I am concerned because I need to get the statements in the mail.  If I don't mail the bills, I don't get paid!  So I am frustrated, but not angry.  I love that the utility company is going to do the work; my husband has done more yard work in the last week or two than he has done in a long time as he has cleared the area they will need to dig into.  These things are minor; especially when compared to other things.

First thing this morning I found out the the son-in-law of a very good friend had died.  The man was in very poor health and was awaiting a transplant.  It did not happen in time.  When we shared prayer requests Sunday, the first one on the prayer list was for him; he had been moved to the #1 place on the transplant waiting list.  He died.  He was about the age of our oldest son, I think.  Those are the things in life that matter: life and death things, people.  He leaves a widow who had found such love and joy in her marriage to him.

Today I asked someone if they were involved in a church.  Their answer was, "My mother is."  I told this person that God did not have grandchildren.  That each person has to have their own personal relationship with Him - being a child of God.  I hope that your relationship to God is a personal one.  We don't go to Heaven because our husband loves the Lord or our Dad or Mom.  We must confess that we have sinned.  We must repent of those sins and ask God to forgive us of our sins.  Then we must ask Him to be Lord of our life.  We must trust in Him and in His plan for our lives.  God loves you.  He will forgive your sins if you confess them and turn from them.

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