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April 13, 2015

A Quick Trip to the Quilt Shop in Harlingen
April 13, 2015

Mom found some old nasturtium seeds a couple of months ago
 and planted them.  They obviously are doing well.  
All flowers in this posting are from Mom's house today.

During the night last night, we had a lot of wind, rain, lightening, and thunder.  It was good to see we did not get water in our office.  I was up early, but did not get much accomplished.  Again I had not been able to get to sleep at a reasonable time.  It was after 2:30 when I went to sleep.  I did the two allergy shots about 6:15 after fixing Ron's coffee. 

My trip to the office was a little earlier than usual and I got there about 9:30.  Before long, Ron left on a couple of jobs.  I was a little busy while he was out and again I had some good conversations with customers.  One is a former Marine, one was a young man using a crutch, and one was a Winter Texan.  Each was very interesting.  Two of the conversations led to the situation in Mexico and both said that they no longer go to Mexico, but had in the past.  Their comments on the situation of violence there were insightful, as one had spent much of his childhood running around the neighborhoods in Mexico, close to our town.

Both of the two men who were from this area, had faced some rough times, but one in particular praised God for helping him know what to do in times when he had no answers himself.  I love to see young men take a stand for the Lord and not to be ashamed of naming the name of Christ.

After I ate my lunch, Ron said he was going to work on some things in the office, so I was free to run some errands.  Before I drove to Harlingen to look for some quilt fabric and supplies, I stopped at the pharmacy at H.E.B. to get more needles for my allergy shots.  Since I use two, every two days, I go through them in a hurry.  At the quilt shop I talked to the machine quilter there to see about getting her to machine quilt a couple of quilt tops for me and I got my name on her long waiting list.  I need to take the quilt tops to her soon.

Side note:  Ron just walked in and said that it is thundering again.  I put on my sound processor and listened.  After he left to go to bed, I took the processor off and laid it on the desk where I am working.    We all probably learned the trick where you count the number of seconds between a lightening flash and the thunder to figure out how far away the storm is.  As I sat at the computer typing this blog entry, I would notice the flashes of lightening reflecting in the computer screen.  I started to count and then realized that with the sound processor sitting beside me on the desk, I could sit here all night and not hear the thunder.  Duh...

Meanwhile, back at the quilt shop:  I was looking for some yellow fabric and found some choices.  They were having a sale so it was a good day to shop.  I needed some fabric for the binding on a couple of quilts, and found some good choices for those.  Also, I selected a beautiful fabric that I can't wait to try to find a special place to use.  It is amazing.  I visited with the owner of the shop.  She seems ready to sell out and retire.  Who can blame her; she is 86 years old!  We had a good talk and I hope she can sell the shop to someone who will keep it as a quilt shop.  We need one.  Too bad I am not rich.

When I finished there, I returned to the office and prepared a bank deposit and sorted some papers.  The mail had come and a few things needed my attention.  I need to pay some bills tomorrow.  Ron and I decided to go get a quick supper and from there, he went to visit a Sunday School class member who is in the hospital and I went to do some shopping for Mom and for me.  When the shopping was done, I went to Mom's and stayed to visit for a while. 

It was 8:30 before I got home.  Another long day.  I talked to our daughter-in-law in New  Mexico.  We had a fun talk and laughed a lot as we visited. 

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