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December 6, 2014B

I Love a Parade
Don't Rain On My Parade
Part II
December 6, 2014

This is the continued parade coverage and comments.  Just before parade time, it started raining - more a misty drizzle.  I put my camera in a Ziplock bag, took my sound processor off, and added it to the Ziplock bag.  There were probably 8,000 people in the stadium chatting and cheering, music was blaring on the PA system, sirens, honking cars, and I sat in silence until the rain stopped.  It was not all bad.  I think I was ready for a sound break.

The rain stopped before the parade reached our location which was the end of the parade route.  So the sound processor went back on.  They are supposed to be "water resistant" but I prefer not to test it

The bands were amazing - in numbers and looks.  As for hearing.  I could tell they were playing but could rarely figure out what song.  Actually the first band that stopped to play in front of us was playing Santa Clause is Coming to Town.   It took effort, but I figured it out.  The next band I could not figure out the song so I asked my daughter-in-law and she said Joy to the World.  Even after her telling me, I could not pick out the melody, so after that I just listened to the noise and didn't try to guess the songs; it was just too frustrating.  In no way am I commenting on the playing ability of the bands, only on my ability to figure out the music with my Cochlear Implant.

The crowd noises, the bands, the family around me, none of those sounds were unpleasant.  It is just that they all mixed together to make picking out one particular sound a difficult task.  If the children tried to tell me something, it always had to be repeated at least once.  BUT...I can't remember when I enjoyed an outdoor evening more in a long time.  I am so glad I went. 

The balloons were a treat that I had always wanted to see.

The bands were delightful in the way individual members had creatively chosen to "light" themselves and their instruments with battery powered strings of Christmas lights.  Most wore Santa hats.

The floats were beautifully done, so bright and colorful.  They each were unique and fun.

Being with the grandchildren and their friends was the best part. 
 We were amoung the last to leave the stands.  When we got downstairs, we were able to spot my son who had been working hard all during the parade.  We decided on bathroom breaks before heading home.  As we stepped out from under the stadium, the skies opened  and the rain came down.  I took off the sound processor and we headed for the car.  By the time we got there we were all wet - not soaked, but pretty wet.  Thankfully it was only in the mid to low 70s so we weren't cold,  We all laughed and just added it to the memories of the evening.  We were so thankful that the rain held off until after the parade. 

Estimates of attendance at the parade ranged from 100,000 to 200,000 and each must have brought their own car.  Traffic was very heavy.  We planned to pick up some supper but decided to wait until a few towns down the way and stopped at a Whataburger in Weslaco.  Everyone else had the same idea.  the line at the drive up was long, but the burgers were worth the wait.
It was 11:00 when we got back to my son's home where I picked up my car and drove home - one happy Grandma!

Naturally Santa brought up the end of the parade and I don't know how they did it but he brought "snow flurries".  Whisps of white floated through the air.  Fun!


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