Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014

Yikes!  My Computer Crashed!
December 4, 2014

Yesterday late in the afternoon, at the office, I renewed my virus protection for my computer.  After installing it, I could not shut the computer down.  Ron shut it down later in the evening.  This morning, we could not get it to stay on.  After I would get it on, in 30 seconds - 2 minutes, it would turn off - the screen would go black. 

The computer repairman was able to come this afternoon and says it is the hard drive and I can replace the hard drive, but his suggestion is to replace the computer.  Not what I had in the way of plans for my pocket book this month.  Ron had taken my car in this morning to have the air conditioner replaced.  They decided it was just the compressor that was bad, cutting the price by a lot, but I didn't plan to spend those savings on a new computer.  At this point we have not decided what we will do.  I am just thankful that it did not come at time for me to bill the customers.

We are going to find out how well Carbonite works!  I pay a yearly fee for Carbonite to back up everything of importance on my work computer.  It backs up all my bookkeeping program, documents, and photos, plus a few other programs.  Hopefully it has been doing its job.  I will let you know soon. 

As for the rest of the day, I started out at Staples to get ink for my printer to print my Christmas letters.  But now that my computer doesn't work, I can't print my Christmas letters.  I can do them at home, but the print quality is better on the other printer - the one I just took from home when mine died  last month.  This has been a rough fall for us!  Both of our office printers went out, my office computer, and my car air conditioner.   I am so glad God is in control!  He will take care of things.  He always does and I have no reason to believe He will stop now.   God is good and faithful. 

Once I got to the office, Ron started trying to leave on a job and kept getting interrupted.  He finally left and was gone for a couple of hours.  It was very quiet at the office with no computer to use.  I had several customers while Ron was out and did OK with all of them.  I did have a little trouble with hearing the computer repairman and when he began to talk about replacing the computer, I went to wait on customers and let Ron talk to him.

We talked to our youngest son tonight and the wife of our oldest son.  Our oldest has been off work for a couple of days with the flu.  Yuck!  I had trouble hearing on the phone.

I tried to leave the office early and go to the car wash, but they were already closed when I got there.  So I came on home and worked in the yard for a while before coming in the house to make a big pot of soup for supper.  I have done some laundry and some baking.

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