Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11, 2014

Got a Lot Done Today;
Just Not Any Christmas Shopping
December 11, 2014

Leaving the house this morning
My day started earlier than most recently.  I left the house at 8:20 to go pick Mom up for a 9:00 dental appointment.  I love the sky in the early mornings.  It is too bad I don't get out to enjoy more of them.  When I got to Mom's house, she was almost ready.  While I waited, our son Stephen called and it was good to talk to him as he was on his way to work. 

Mom switched to a different dentist a while back and I had never met this one.  She has told me many things about the lady, including that she is a quilter.  She failed to tell me that lady is also a birder.  It was a nice dental visit - maybe I will change, too.  Mom had chipped a tooth a few days ago and the dentist was able to polish and smooth the area so that additional work could be put off until Mom's back is stronger.  Leaning  back in a dental chair could be uncomfortable and maybe risky at this stage of her recovery.

The visit didn't take long (except for our visiting) and so Mom asked if I could take her to the Day and Night Clinic for the flu test she was to get several days ago but hadn't been able to find a provider to do the test.  When we arrived, few patients were there, but it was a good bit of time before Mom was called in for her turn.  Thankfully the flu test was negative and the staff was very nice. 

After I took Mom home, I went to the office and Ron left on a job.  I spent the time in my office working on a few things and then did some reading.  At 1:30 I left for a doctor's appointment of my own.  It was just for a medication check and change in dosage.  The physician's assistant and I got along well and it was a good visit - except when she asked if I was exercising by walking.  It wasn't until I left that I thought, "No, remember I have a broken toe!"  I had just told her I was walking my mom in and out of doctor's office these days - is that a good enough excuse? 

Speaking of the toe - an update.  It is still not healed.  It has been a little more swollen the last week or so.  It is not too bad unless I have to stand for long periods of time.  With my shoe on, giving it good support I am OK but by the end of the day I am eager to take my shoes off and relax. 

When I left the doctor's office, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of Hot Wheel cars for my youngest grandson who crashed on his bike yesterday and scraped up his face.  As I walked in the front door at Wal-Mart they had some 3 and 4 foot artificial Christmas trees for sale.  I picked up a four foot one for Mom since hers is up on a real high shelf in the garage and none of us wanted to climb the ladder to get it down this year. 

Before returning to the office, I delivered the little cars to my grandson and talked to him for a while.  The five older children were at their piano lessons, his baby sister was napping and the other grandmother was caring for them.  I went back to the office and waited on several customers as the afternoon went on. 

At closing time I wasn't "clock watching" and when I did see the clock it was 15 minutes past closing.  We locked up and each went to our own mothers' homes.  Ron's brother and sister-in-law were at his mom's so he went to have supper with them.  I took the Christmas little tree and went to my mom's. 
Mom, Carmen, and I set the tree up.  Carmen got the decorations out of the closet and then I decorated the tree with Mom's supervision.  She handed me ornaments and we had a nice visit as I worked on the tree.  Carmen was working on her Bible study material while we decorated.  If she saw that we needed anything, she was quick to get up and get it for us with her sweet smile.  She is such a blessing to Mom at this time and to me. 

After the tree was done, I went to Whataburger and picked up supper for the three of us and we ate together and visited some more.  Following that, I gathered my things after helping Carmen put the ornament boxes away, and came home.  I had been gone for over 12 hours and was ready to be home for a bit. 

It was a good day with a lot of things getting checked off the list, but no Christmas shopping got done and I need to get to work on that! I did get one Christmas gift made last night!  Yea!

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