Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 30, 2014

A Nice Start to My Day
December 30, 2014

What a treat it always is for me to see a Green Jay in the back yard.  I had let the feeders go empty for a while, but the birds have now found that they are full and are returning.  I spotted 9 of the Whistling Tree Ducks and was about to try to scare them away when I spotted a Green Jay at the feeder, so I didn't want to disturb him.  The ducks may learn to bring a Green Jay to breakfast so I will let them stay.  There were sparrows and doves besides the Black Bellie Whistling Tree Ducks and the Green Jay. 

In spite of the good start to the day, much of the day was boring and frustrating.  I continue to try to get the new computer set up the way I want it.  There are some programs that had been installed, but the restored information is not in them - it is in the computer, but I don't know how to transfer it from one spot to the other. 

When I arrived at the office Ron said the computer technician was able to come this morning or tomorrow morning.  I ended up asking him to wait until Monday so I could find out everything I need for him to handle.  It wasn't until late this afternoon that I found one problem I need for him to deal with, so Monday should work for me.  There are a couple of programs that I need to buy and install before he comes.

During the morning I cleaned out one desk drawer.  I can think of so many things to put in the desk drawers, but I rarely use any of them.  It is just crazy!  I guess I listened to that scout motto too often: Be Prepared.  I am well prepared with so many useless things in my desk.  Not useless - un used would better classify the things.

After lunch I spent the rest of the day exploring the computer and trying to make a list of things for the technician to work on.  I found the computer has "sticky notes" you can add to the computer.  You select sticky notes, and what looks like a Post-it note, appears on the desktop.  I can type a list on it.  Right now it is a list of things for the technician to work on.  Love it!

Why is it that when I wait on customers, and they tell me they want one key, that they wait until I turn on the machine and then tell me they want two?  I can't hear anything when the machine is going, plus I am at the far end of the counter from where they are.  I think I am too fast.  I need to slow down and let them really think about what they want.  Right?

After work, I went by Mom's house and visited for a while before coming home and fixing my supper.  Ron was at his mom's for supper. 

For Christmas, our two oldest granddaughters bought me a puzzle.  It is a style I had not seen before.  The four sides of the puzzle are 4 different pictures that merge in the middle.  It is a little more challenging since you are basically working 4 puzzles at once, but I am enjoying it.  I think I got about 2/3 of it done.  The part that is left is HARD. 

Late this evening, I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico.  They are expecting snow tonight and tomorrow.  Our son is off for a couple of days and is looking forward to a Winder Wonderland.

Some of you asked what was being made in Santa's Workshop a couple of weeks ago.  I was making "Infinity Scarfs".  In all I did 13 and each of the oldest granddaughters made one, so we did 15.  Six were made from a fabric called "Minky".  It is VERY soft and very fuzzy and a mess to cut.  That is when Santa's workshop moved to the garage.  Here is a photo of one.
Then I made several from the following fabric.  Here, I am wearing one.
Here is one granddaughter modeling the one she made for her mom.
They are quick and easy to make - just takes more time to cut them than to sew them and you have to engage your brain, you can't (or I can't) do these on "auto pilot".  I must think while I do them, but they really are fun to make and fun to wear.

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