Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

If Laughter is the Best Medicine,
Mom Should be Healed by Bedtime!
December 29, 2014

The girls wanted to see how Ron would look in the pink Santa hat with rhinestones on it.

My day was a little different.  For one thing, the hustle and bustle of the holidays is about past.  Decorations still need to be removed from the tree and the tabletops, they will still need to be packed away for next Christmas, but the shopping is done, the packages are sent, and the day was just a little more relaxed.
Mom wanted Ron to pose behind this cardboard cutout at Luby's
 when she first came back from my sister's house.

When I got to the office I saw that all of the things that had been backed up on Carbonite had been restored to my new computer.  Carbonite had restored over 160,000 files and had been unable to restore about 150.  If I am doing my math correctly, that means they restored 99.99% of the files!  Yea!  There are some minor glitches to be worked out.  I need to install a couple of programs so the saved files can be put in those programs.
Our friend Rhonda wearing crazy glasses one day after church.

Ron spent time trying to get set up with a refrigerator repairman to work on the refrigerator at the house.  Thankfully, I had all the needed information in my file in my desk so he could easily answer their long list of questions: date of purchase, location, serial #, model #, service record, and on and on.  I am about to decide extended warranties are not worth the price except at Best Buy.
Jeff has the ability to get both of his grandmothers to laugh and smile a lot.

Ron was out for a while trying to get his phone repaired.  The insurance I have on it would mean he only had to pay $100 to get it fixed!  What??  Another warranty not worth the paper it is written on.  So he had my old phone activated to use.  Of course he did not recall why I quit using that phone.  Oh, well.  He will soon find out.
Like father; like son

The day was filled with customers who were very confused.  Oh, my.  One man brought in four keys and said they would work on the doors of his car and the trunk, but not the ignition and if we would "shave the end of the key" he knew it would fix the problem.  The problem is that his car uses one key for the ignition and a totally different one for the doors and trunk.  It took a while for Ron to get him to understand that and then the light dawned and he recalled he did have 2 keys for that car.
The girls wanted to see how Ron would look with the brightly colored 
hair extensions they got for Christmas. 
I left the office early to go by Mom's before going home.  We visited for a while as we sat in her den.  I was in her recliner and she was in a straighter, firmer chair.  All of a sudden, there were some faint, melodic, electronic sounding tones.  Mom looked very startled, grabbed her side as if in pain or shock, and said, "Did you hear that?"  I confirmed that I did.  She looked relieved to hear my answer.  Next she grabbed her ears and said they were pulsating.  She looked in her pocket to see if her cell phone was there.  It was not.  She said she felt like the sound came from her side.  
You just have to laugh when trying to photograph the 9 people in Jeff's family.

We discussed the possible reasons or explanations for the event and laughed about it a little but I could tell she was very concerned and perplexed.  She kept feeling around her side, and back and I asked if she was wearing her life alert button.  She was, but it was in front of her, on a necklace.  I teased and asked if she was taking pills with little electronic things in them and she said she had not.  We continued our discussion, but again, I could tell she was distraught and distracted.
Ron and Jeff trying on each others' shoes.

About 4 or 5 minutes later, her helper Carmen came into the den and asked if she could get her jacket from the back of Mom's chair.  As she started down the hall with it, I told Mom that maybe Carmen's cell phone was in the jacket.  Mom called her to come back and asked where her cell phone was.  She pulled it out of her jacket and Mom and I began to laugh.  We laughed and laughed.  You could see that Mom was so relieved to know she wasn't nuts.  Of course, Carmen is standing there staring at us, not knowing what we are laughing about.  It just got funnier and funnier.  We laughed until Mom's side really did need to be grabbed.  The phone had apparently made a melodic sound for a message and then vibrated at intervals, going right up Mom's spine to her head.
I caught the cookie thief!
Again, I missed out on the Funniest Home Video prize winning tape!  Maybe one of you would like to follow me around and just film my days.  I think there is a winning video in there somewhere.  We can make a deal to split the prize money!
Again, Jeff making a grandma laugh!

Mom had done some exercises but had not walked any today, so when I offered to go to the store for her, we ended up deciding to both go.  Then Carmen decided to go with us, which really helped.  I took my basket to get a few things and Carmen and Mom filled her basket far beyond the two items she had asked me to pick up for her.  We would pass going down an aisle and Mom would start to laugh saying she just couldn't quit laughing about that cell phone.  It was a good evening and we all had a good time and bought some good food.
He loves to make others smile.

I do believe that laughter has great healing powers.  So in honor of that, throughout this blog, I have posted some photos from my cell phone and camera from over the last few months.  Maybe at least one of them will give you a laugh, or at least smile, and they just might make you feel better. Oh, and I do have Mom's permission to share her story here.  If you happen to hear giggles coming from her house tonight (or mine) it is just over the memory of her trying to figure out, why in the world was music coming out of her side?
Rice Krispie treats bring smiles


  1. I do wish you had taken a picture of Betty's face when her side was singing and dancing! Only his granddaughters could get Ron to do silly things...he's such a good grandpa!

    1. I have been missing all the "good" photos lately.