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August 9, 2015

Sunday Blessings
August 9, 2015

The horse and donkey grazing around the swimming pool early Sunday morning.
Ron and I were both up early Sunday morning and were walking around outside near the lodge when we encountered the horse and the donkey.  They are very docile animals.  Before long I encountered our youngest grandson our looking for someone who would get him some breakfast.  He is much more active than the horse and donkey!
Painted Bunting
After I got him settled, I headed to the birding blind and soon Ron left with Jeff and David to get some items in town.  They were going to have to go later to get rotisserie chickens for lunch so they ended up just waiting and killing time in town to be able to do it all in one trip.  It is about a 45 minute drive each way to the place they were going. 
Western Scrub Jay
One of the granddaughters joined me for a while in the bird blind.  There was a book where we could list the birds we saw and so she and I worked on that list and she drew some pictures of the birds in the log book and left a comment about the blind: "AWESOME".
The scrape above her eyebrow happened when she 
was swimming and ran into the side of the pool.  
Later I returned to the lodge and had biscuits for breakfast.  Sunday was a relaxing day and several slept late while the children were in and out of the pool and hiking the trails.  The little girl in the picture above saw deer frequently when she hiked and had no idea how high they could jump, to clear a fence.  She came back from each hike excited about what she had seen. 
On one trip back to the lodge, I found Stephen and Kristina petting the donkey.
The youngest of the children got food and water for the cat that lives on the lodge porch.
Snoopy the cat was totally gentle and not bothered by the activity of the children.
The wide shaded porch was a relaxing place to sit and watch the kids in the pool.
Barb prepared the rest of the lunch food: baked potatoes, salad, and green beans complimented the chicken.  It was a delicious meal.
Sunday was a relaxing day.  We are blessed with such a terrific family.  We are not perfect, but we love each other and we love the Lord.  We are too scattered to get together very often, but we enjoy the times we can spend together.  The cousins all pick right up where they left off on the last visit and all get along very well.  We talk until the wee hours of the mornings and all go home sleep deprived after one of these gatherings. 
Ron, Linda, and our four sons
After a little time to relax after lunch, we started on group photos.  They are amazing!  What a super bunch we have.

We are proud of everyone of them and each holds a
 special place in the family.  God has been so good to us.
Following the group shots inside, pictures of the couples were taken outside.
Stephen and Kristina are the newly weds.  
They have been married 9 months and are very happy as they continue to get settled.
David and Diana have been married almost 11 years and are blessed
 to be able to be caring for Diana's niece and nephew.  They also brought 
another niece with them for the weekend and she fit in very well.
Bob and Vickey have been married 21 years this week.  
They have a deep love for each other and enjoy their married life.  
They live the furthest from the rest of us.
Jeff and Barb have been married the longest at almost 22 years. 
 They are the proud parents of 7 children and could not be happier.  

Each of our boys selected the wife who was perfect for them.  They are so blessed with their choices.

Stephen and Kristina had to leave late Sunday afternoon to both be at work Monday morning.  We loved having them there for as much time as possible but hated to see them go, and I know they wanted to stay.  After they left Diana, Barb, and Vickey went shopping for a little bit in Fredericksburg.  I returned to the photo blind and took more pictures.  The girls weren't gone long and about sunset several of the adults and children left on a hike.  Of course since I was not with them, they saw deer.  The only deer (and antelope) I saw were on our way out of the area Monday about noon.
It was another good day.  God is good.

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