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August 2 & 3, 2015

Another - Two for the Price of One
Or - Helpers, Helpers Everywhere!
August 2 & 3, 2015

This blog covers two days since I was in McAllen a lot of the time and forgot to take my laptop computer.  Sunday morning, Ron and I were up early for my allergy shots.  After I gave myself the shots, I spent time cleaning house for a couple of hours before getting ready for Sunday School and church.  We had a wonderful group in class - 24 and on our roll we have 26.  Of the two who were out, one works on Sundays and comes rarely and the other is taking care of her elderly mom and takes her mom to her own church when she is caring for her.  If her mom doesn't go, she is able to be in our class.

What an amazing group we have in our class.  They really care about one another and help in any way they can.  There are so many things they have done over the years to show their love to us.  We love this group of friends.

Our worship service was good.  A group that had just come home from a trip to Uganda spoke.  It was our school superintendent for the church school and a couple of staff members.  They had spent about 10 days over there leading a week of training classes for teachers in Christian schools in Uganda.  A group went last year and not only did these go this time, but also a few others from the church school.  They were also able to see some of the area and the animals.  The first of three teams left for Nepal to help in earthquake cleanup and construction.  This was a group of 3 to meet up with others.  There is a young couple and another man.  The young man teaches in the church school.  We have an amazing church school staff!

Ron and I came home for lunch and relaxed for a while before I went to McAllen to help with Jeff and Barb's 5 youngest while Barb is out of town.  It was good to have time to visit with Jeff after the kids settled down.
The guest bathroom prepared for me
When I arrived, the older girls helped me with my things and then took me to the guest room.  (See the photo at the top of this blog.)  Their mother had helped with the bedding before she left on her trip, but the oldest had turned it into a 5-star hotel, with a rose on the bed and one in the bathroom on the towels.  The end of the toilet paper was folded to a point as they do in the hotels.  There were hotel sized shampoo and conditioner bottles waiting to be used.  The quilt on the bed is the first double wedding ring pattern quilt that I completed.  I made this as a wedding gift to Jeff and Barb when they married.  It is now in the guest room and it was a joy to sleep under it last night.

I spent much of the evening talking to Jeff and the children as they were finishing their supper and then the children went off to play leaving Jeff and me to catch up.  He told me a lot about a recent business trip he had made to Chicago.

This morning (Monday) I was up before Jeff left for work.  All but one of the children had already gotten up.  Jeff may get me for sharing this, but some things never change.  He was running late as he was looking for his shoes.  Where were they?  In the closet he wants for his clothes off the master bath.  Where they belong.  I am not sure, but his little cleaning daughter could have put them there.  I didn't ask.
The youngest boy clearing the patio she he and I could wash it off.
The time at Jeff's was filled with helpers.  It started with the girls bringing in my things.  Then the welcoming bathroom and bedroom.  This morning the oldest granddaughter fixed scrambled eggs for breakfast for those who wanted some.  She is a very neat cook, cleaning up after each egg was cooked.
Cleaning the patio
After breakfast, the youngest boy and I spent time outside cleaning the patio.  He cleared it first of all furniture and assorted other things.  Then he worked hard washing it off with the hose before and after I scrubbed it with the broom.  The youngest girl cleaned the refrigerator front with the stainless steel wipes and enjoyed seeing how good it looked after her efforts.
Tools of the trade:
Security blanket and special wipes to clean the refrigerator
So much has been going on for this family for months that the youngest is needing a little extra attention.  Her pacifier was a constant during the day, and she let me rock her for a long time during the morning which she will usually only take in small segments of time.
Cuddle time
When it was lunchtime, two of the children didn't want macaroni and cheese so the older of the two little boys offered to make sandwiches for himself and his next oldest sister.  He did a good job and put away all the fixings when finished.  The utensils he used went in the sink without me saying a word.  The mac and cheese took longer than I planned and the youngest got hungry.  She just about wiped out a big bowl of grapes while my back was turned.  Oops!
Expert with making PB&J sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly)
After lunch, naps were in order for the two youngest while the oldest and I changed the linens in the guest room for their other grandmother's stay tonight.  Little Miss Cleaning Princess, fixed the rooms again to perfection.  At one point I asked her sister where she was.  She just rolled her eyes and said, "Cleaning."  I asked what she was cleaning and she said, "Mom and Dad's bathroom."  It sparkled when I looked at it later.

Jeff had taken the children to the library before I arrived and they had checked out a book on various activities and a couple of videos.  They spent time making things from the book and begging to do others that were going to have to wait for their dad.  They watched some videos and were really good children.  We had a good time.
They played with my camera a little and here is one result, below:

We moved a bird feeder away from the house.
As for my hearing: sometimes I have trouble understanding them if they are talking fast; if they are working on something and their heads are down; if they all talk at once.  The house is large and two-story.  I have trouble telling where sounds come from and who is making them.  I have trouble hearing in the breakfast table area.  In that area, the ceiling heights change and I think that could be a factor.  But all of it was worth the effort.  These children know how to have fun, alone or in a group.  They love the new house and all the room in it.  They love the yard and I am sure this fall it will get a lot of use.  Today it was HOT outside.  It was around 100 degrees as we worked on the patio.  I had a good time and tomorrow will be a catch-up day at the office.

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