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August 12, 2015

Happy Anniversary!
August 12, 2015

Bob and Vickey
August 12, is Bob and Vickey's wedding anniversary.  It is a joy to see our children add up years of marriage celebrations; not just to brag about how many years they have been married, but to show that they are still working together to make their marriage work.  The years of their marriage have not all been easy.  Vickey gave up a lot in order for Bob to get his doctorate in Space Physics.  She was always an encourager to Bob, helping him achieve his goals.  In return, he does the same for her; not because he owes it to her, but because he loves her.  Happy Anniversary!
Another deer as we were leaving the ranch Monday
Wednesday was a day of work at the office.  And sleep.  I am off caffine and oh, my, I can't stay awake.  Ron commented that I was snoring a couple of times at the office.  I told him I knew I was sleeping, but he was there and it was not too busy.  Each time the door to the office opens the loud chimes wake me, but sometimes I just check to be sure he is helping the customer.  I will adjust in a few days, but in the meantime, I am so sleepy!
There are a lot of goat and sheep ranches in the area as well as cattle.
At the office I still had some "first of the month" things to finish up. I spent time dealing with the credit card slips from things we sell.  The credit card company we use sends us pages and pages of information each month, but they are so much harder to reconcile than the previous company.  After we closed, I still stayed a while to work on things without interruptions.  From there I went to the drug store to pick up a prescription and then to Mom's house.  We had a brief visit before I headed home to fix supper. 
A quiet stream near the ranch
I spent the evening working on a couple of blog entries and got one posted and one was almost ready to post.  One of my sisters was coming for a visit and arrived at the airport at just about midnight.  I went to pick her up and take her to Mom's house.  When I got home, it was late, but I wanted to finish the blog that was almost done.  When I started to work on it, I noticed one was not on the list.  I have no idea what happened, but one blog disappeared!  I spent time searching for it, but finally gave up and went to bed.
 Jeff and his youngest
There has still not been time for me to take photos, so I will continue to use some from our trip.  I do have some favorites.  Hope you like them.
The lodge at Quiet Hill Ranch

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