Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6, 2015

Thank God for "Normal"
August 6, 2015

As I shared my blog the last couple of days, after writing them and then rereading them, I noticed there was not really anything in them about my deafness, my Cochlear Implant, my broken elbow, or the artificial piece in my elbow.  That is because those things have become "normal".  I don't think about them all the time.  There are still limitations and frustrations, but they are just a normal part of my life.  Other people my be limited by eye sight, strength, endurance, respiratory problems, or aching knees and hips.  We just learn to live with them.

Trying to lift anything heavy with my hand in an odd angle, will cause pain.  Washing my back in the shower does not cause pain.  I can reach all the areas that I need to.  The arm is not perfectly straight, but who cares?  Who notices?  No big deal.  The hearing is a big deal, but in general, especially at the office where I am usually only dealing with one customer at a time, I do fine.  If one of the machines is on, I have to turn it off to hear the customer.  No problem.

In two years, both problems have faded in importance.  Of course the hearing does impact my life all day every day, but I still don't focus on it.  The sound processor for the Cochlear Implant is not real comfortable, so when I get home, I usually take it off right away.  I did the same with the hearing aid.  I was invited to a tea today, but passed it up due to pressures of things I needed to get done at home, but it would have been very hard to hear anyway. 

Late last night after I finished my blog, the Chex mix was still too warm to bag up, so I made some candy while I waited and then of course, it had to cool.  It was late when I got to bed!  Then I was up early this morning for my allergy medication and allergy shots.  I was so tired that I took the wrong medication.  It was one I needed to take, but it was not the allergy medication.  Oh, well... 

After the shots, I spent a couple of hours working in the kitchen baking the cookies I had mixed yesterday.  Then I cleaned the kitchen while I hard boiled some eggs for egg salad for sandwiches.  I got that made and started a load of dirty dishes in the dishwasher and dirty clothes in the washer.  I managed to get them dry before I went to work.

At the office, I helped with customers while Ron went to run some errands.  When he got back I had a quick lunch and then went to pick Mom up to take her to her doctor for a visit required in order for him to renew a prescription.  We had to wait almost an hour and a half to see him in spite of an appointment.  When we were finished, I took Mom home and went to the pharmacy to take prescriptions the doctor had written.  From there I went to the office briefly to see if Ron needed me there.  He said it was quiet so I went and did Mom's grocery shopping and picked up one prescription but the other one she has to wait two days before her insurance would pay for it.  It doesn't matter that I won't be available to pick it up then, but those are the rules.

I loaded up the groceries and took them to Mom's house and Carmen helped unload them.  Back at the office, I took care of several chores and then left a little early to come home before we joined our friends for supper.  It was good to sit and laugh with them and enjoy our supper.  When we got home, I made a marinated carrot salad for the weekend and again cleaned the kitchen.  While I was making the salad, I watched the presidential debates.  Interesting.  There are some good quality men running for president on the GOP ticket.

Time for bed and sleep!

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