Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to Our Youngest Son
August 4, 2015

The biggest thing that happened to him
since his last birthday, was his wedding.

How can it be that our "baby" is 35 years old?  I just can't believe he is that age, because I was almost that age when he was born, making me almost 70!  Wow!  I remember asking a lady at our church who was at the time probably in her mid-80s, "At what age did your friends become the ladies, instead of the girls?"  She said she would let me know when it happened because it had not yet happened.  What a wonderful attitude.

Stephen in many ways had a different family time growing up than the other boys.  He was 5 years younger than the next oldest and 13 years younger than our oldest son.  For a long time, he was the only one of the boys still living at home.  Then being a young single adult for a lot of years, he had a lot of alone time.  Now he is happily married and no longer alone.  He sent me some photos this evening and it looks like his sweet wife had a birthday party for him.  God meant for us to find a partner in life.  I am glad our sons have each selected a wonderful wife to share their lives with.

Here, it has been a good day.  I got up before my 5:00 a.m. alarm and took my antihistamine.  When Ron woke me, I told him I had already taken care of it and to wake me again at 6:00.  After the shots, I spent some time on the computer and then did a little work in the yard - emphasis on the word "little".  Then I had my shower, breakfast, and headed to the office. 

It was a busy, profitable day at the office.  I helped often with customers.  Ron left mid-morning and ran a long list of errands and checked on some jobs.  He got back just in time to help two different customers with large orders.  While he had been gone, I caught up on paper work and bill paying.

Then before eating my lunch, I sewed a little while, finishing 4 quilt blocks that I had started last week, bringing my total to 141 blocks.  I can do the quilt with either 143 or 154.  I have not yet decided which size it will be; probably 11 blocks wide and 14 long, meaning I need 154 blocks!  13 more!  Plus borders. I will need 320 inches of borders and currently have about 132 inches.  Actually that is a little over 40% of the way around!  The end is in sight.  Wonder if I can have them done by the end of August and then I have to put them all together!  A lot of work still to be done.

After lunch I worked on a deposit and took it to the bank.  Back at the office, I worked on locating two pieces of information I needed; one for Ron and one for me.  His was easier to find than mine.  He had taken my car in for brake work, so when we locked up the office, we went to pick it up.  I stopped and got supper for me after I dropped him off, and he got supper for himself and for his mom.  I went to the house and unloaded things out of Mom's car and  returned it to her.  I visited with her for a bit, and then Ron picked me up when he finished having supper with his mom.  Thankfully our moms live fairly close to each other.

I brought him home and then went to get groceries.  We have a new Wal-Mart near us that has been open a couple of months, but I had not been there.  I went there for my groceries and did not even try to look at the rest of the store; only went through the food part.  It is large and currently is nice and clean; but like every where, prices just keep going up!

This was just a very nice day.  Nice customers, a lot accomplished, a little time in the yard and a little time at the sewing machine.  All those help make it a good day.

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