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August 8, 2015

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary
(a little late)
August 8, 2015

Table decorations for Anniversary Dinner Saturday evening
This blog will cover Saturday, the day we actually celebrated our anniversary.  I was up early and leaving the other two ladies in my cabin sleeping, I headed to the bird blind.
 Our youngest grandson was usually the first one up in the camp and he would be out riding his bike or looking for food in the kitchen.
 Often at the blind I would encounter one of the granddaughters.  She loves taking photos and is usually eager to let me know what she has seen.
I spent an hour or more in the blind before heading to the lodge to find a wonderful breakfast of biscuits hot out of the oven and the smell of bacon cooking.  Just as a weekend in the country should be!
The birding had been productive and was each time I went to the blind.  Here are a few shots of the visitors at the blind.
Female Cardinal
Male Cardinal
Tufted Titmouse

 Male Painted Bunting
Northern Mockingbird (Texas state bird)
Lunch Saturday was sandwiches, salads, and chips.  Kids were in and out of the pool or soaking wet from sweat.  They hiked, rode bikes, played games, and generally had a wonderful time with cousins.

Shortly after lunch, Ron and I were banned from the lodge so that the family could decorate for the evening supper and celebration.  We were both ready for naps, so it did not take much to convince us to leave.  After I slept a while I returned to the bird blind and took more photos.

 Male Lesser Goldfinch
 House Finch
Our youngest grandson telling us it was time to come to dinner.  He was telling me to come and for Ron to stay put because Ron had been teasing him.  Ladies first!

We had gifts to open

There were two large displays of photos besides the ones on the tables

The tables were beautiful
The food was lasagna, french bread, salad, and two cakes for dessert
There was a box of lovely cards from many of our friends
There were some unique gifts and I will share more about them some day soon if I don't forget.
 There are a horse and a donkey that wander the property and
 we enjoyed each encounter with them.  They seem to enjoy being
 near each other and near people, so we saw them often.

Everything was beautiful and the candles on the tables were even more lovely as the sun went down.
What an outstanding day!  We loved it.  This banner was hanging in the window.  It hung on a pole for my parents 50th anniversary.  Traditions...

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