Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

A Lot of the Day Was in the Kitchen
August 5, 2015

Much of my day today was spent in the kitchen.  Early this morning I mixed up a batch of cookies to be baked later tonight or in the morning.  Then I mixed up and baked a recipe of chocolate chip cookies.  While the cookies baked, I cleaned and sorted some things in the kitchen.  Also, I did some laundry and gathered a few items to pack.  I cleaned out a couple of shelves in the refrigerator.  This evening I have spent several hours in the kitchen making Chex Mix.

The Chex Mix in the photo above is cooling while three more large pans are in the oven.  While that was going on I fixed supper for Ron and for me.  We ate different things so I made two suppers.  I have washed a few dishes and tried to get a few other things done, but my progress is slow.

It was about noon before I went to the office.  Ron had a job up the valley this afternoon and while he was gone I sewed a little and got 4 more blocks made, leaving me only 9 more to make until I get the size I want for the quilt.  I took care of some bookkeeping and filing at the office as well as paying a couple of bills.  That seems to be a constant job.

After we closed this afternoon I needed to stop at H.E.B for syringes for my allergy shots.  They need to be a specific size and I have not found them anywhere else and this time H.E.B. was out and had to order them.  I forgot to stop there yesterday.  From there I went to Kohl's and used one of their coupons on an on sale bathing suit for our family weekend.  I think that will be the only way to stay cool in Texas this week.

It has been a good, busy day.  There is still a lot I need to do for our family gathering this weekend with our kids, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary was actually 2 months ago today, but this was when the kids could all get away.  What a fun weekend we have ahead of us.  If you don't hear from me, just check early next week after all the partying is over.

Some of the cookies I baked this morning.  Yummy!

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