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August 25 & 26, 2015

A Good Day & A Great Day
August 25 & 26, 2015

Fabric picture of a sunset made by one of our granddaughters.
Tuesday was a good day for me.  I felt good (most of the day).  I got lots done.  It was slow at the office though.  I was up early for allergy shots.  About 45 minutes later I started to feel bad, so it was a little late when I went to the office.  I did not manage to work in time for sewing, but I did paper work, paid bills, and sent out some notes.  The birthday season in our family is in full swing!  From here until mid- December we have a bunch of birthdays in the family.

I left the office about 3:30 and came home to get ready for quilting group.  We had a very good turnout, with 6 here besides myself.  It was a good evening, but very loud for my hearing.  Conversations overlapped each other and that made it hard to catch what anyone was saying, but everyone was having a good time.  I was working on the backing for a quilt so that one of the ladies could take it with her to quilt for me this week.  After they left, I did some picking up in the playrooms since the 5 youngest grandchildren would be here this morning.
Our youngest grandchild
This morning (Wednesday) I was up at 6:00 and got my shower so I could go at 7:00 to get milk.  I needed some for the grandchildren.  They arrived about 8:30 and stayed until noon.  Mid-morning the youngest of the boys helped me make Rice Krispie treats and they all enjoyed those with a glass of milk.  Their mom needed to be here in town for a meeting.
The Barbie dolls' hair was a mess and this granddaughter combed them all 
out and made such a difference.  When she wasn't playing with her
 youngest sister, she was ironing fabric scraps for future use.

The children got to share their version of the big storm they had last week.  There were some funny parts, like in the middle of the night in the middle of the storm when the door bell rang.  It turned out to be a power surge with the lightening.  They were all startled and wondered who was at the door in the middle of the fierce storm.  The door bell no longer works.  Then the sad news was when lightening hit one of their two huge oak trees in the backyard, splitting it down the middle.
The boys love the Lego room!
One of the girls sewed, one ironed, one played in the playroom.  The two little boys played much of the time in the Lego room.  The two big boys did not come.  Two of the girls start ballet classes today and the youngest starts tomorrow.  Homeschooling started this week.  They all stay so busy.  It was fun to have the morning with them.
Seeing the photo of the blue jay Beanie Baby reminds me that when the grandchildren got ready to go home, the youngest boy could not find his teddy bear that he had brought, so he chose to take the blue jay home and he will trade with me when I find the teddy bear.  (I still can't find it!)
When our daughter-in-law came to get the children it was thundering and started to rain.  As the last one got in the van, it was pouring!  Before going to the office I had a quick lunch and then loaded my things to go.  I went through standing water on a couple of roads as I headed to work and of course, our parking lot was flooded as always.
The rain was a real treat.  
We were ready for a good watering of the yards in town.

Due to the rain, the afternoon was slow.  Ron was out of the office for a while and I worked on accounting things.  Late in the afternoon I made a deposit and took it to the bank and went home from there.  Friends had invited us out for supper and we met them late in the evening.  They had an earlier obligation and Ron stayed in at the office and worked until time to go to supper.  I got in a nap.
Jeff's three girls.

We didn't have long at supper, but we had a good time catching up on things going on with both their family and ours.  They were treating us for our anniversary and had brought a couple of nice thoughtful gifts.  I love stretching out the celebrating!  It was a very nice visit and we hope to do it again soon when we have more time. Hearing at the cafeteria where we ate, was not too bad, but it was late enough that there were few people there.
Only bird photo from today.  White-winged Doves on one of the feeders.

I have had little time for bird photos.  I am seeing a good variety of birds in the yard.  When I filled one of the birdbaths this morning a young wren showed up and did not realize I was there.  He stayed a little bit and it was nice to observe him up close even if my camera was in the house.  We have had Green Jays a few orioles, LOTS of White-winged doves, hummingbirds, and a good number of Tufted Titmice, plus the usual sparrows, ducks, and grackles.  Hopefully tomorrow I can photograph some of the birds.
 All the little stuffed toys are lined up to see a show,
 put on by a couple of the dolls.
While the grandchildren were here one of the girls made me a sunset picture out of fabric scraps a lady gave me to give to them, at a garage sale recently.  The other fabric picture is one she made a while back and I love them both.  The sunset is at the top of this posting and below is the other one.  I don't recall if I posted a photo of it before.

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