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August 28 & 29, 2015

Two Days of Low Productivity
August 28 & 29, 2015

Our beautiful Moon
In life, many people have some sort of addiction.  Their addictions may be bad, serious, harmful, or just obsessive things like cleaning, watching football, buying quilt fabric, etc.  When I see a new doctor, usually they ask if I smoke or drink.  No, to both.  Never tried either.  Not a temptation.  At that point I usually tell them my addiction is Dr. Peppers.  Due to the stomach problems that the Gastroenterologist is trying to help heal, I can have no sodas for 6 to 9 months.  I have given them up in the past; once for several years, and once for 5 months. 

The main drawback to my lack of Dr. Peppers is that I sleep more.  People often comment, "How do you get so much done?"  I drink Dr. Peppers.  Now, if I sit down, I fall asleep.  I am sure another factor is the antihistamines I am taking to counter any allergic reactions to my allergy shots.  (That is crazy, isn't it?)  I have often stated on this blog that I hate naps because to me they are wasted time.  Today I had a LONG nap and the afternoon was gone.  Oh, well.  Doctors say sodas are bad for us and naps are good for us.  I just have to tell my brain that!

Yesterday was slow at the office.  Friday afternoons are usually slow and except for one very busy period, that was the case yesterday.  I had gone to the office about 10:00 and then spent the day working at my desk.  Some of the work was bookkeeping, and some of it was making note cards on the computer.  I got a bunch done, but I do not like the current version of Print Master that I am using.  It is much less flexible than versions I had on my old computers.  So I wasted a lot of time.

In the evening I picked up Mom for supper and we tried to pick up a prescription for her on the way, but they had put it back on the shelf since I had not gone earlier to get it.  They said they could have it today.  We went to Jason's Deli for supper with Ron, and had a good visit and good food.  I tried their broccoli soup which my grandchildren have raved about and they have been right.  It was very good.

Mom was having printer problems with her computer and I asked if she wanted to go look at new ones after supper, but she said she was too tired.  When I took her home, I went in and looked at the printer and it was saying there was a paper jam but there wasn't.  I just opened the "paper jam" compartment and closed it again and it started working fine!  Yea!

On the way home from Mom's house, I was enjoying the full moon and stopped a couple of places to take photos of it.  Hope you all don't get tired of the moon photos I enjoy taking.  It was a beautiful evening.  Finally the temperature was down a little and so was the humidity.  It made for a lovely evening.
One of my hanging baskets
Saturday (today) I was up early for allergy shots and then spent time picking up a few things before I went to get Carmen to do some cleaning.  My husband always teases me and says, "Why do you clean house before the housekeeper comes?"  It is because I want her to clean, not pick up and often the things I pick up are things that I need to be sure get in their right place so I can find them later.
I picked Carmen up at 8:30 and brought her to the house.  I went out in the yard and worked for an hour clipping grass around flower beds, pulling weeds, filling ponds and birdbaths, and filling bird feeders and putting out orange halves for the birds.  I came in soaking in sweat.  For the cooler temperatures and lower humidity, I was still hot!  There was no breeze while I was out there. 
 White-winged Dove
In the house, I cooled off and then started taking some bird photos.  There were a couple of orioles and a pair of Goldfinches (I think that is what they were).  The woodpecker was out and about and lots of sparrows were taking their regular Saturday baths.  It always seems to me more birds are at the birdbaths on Saturdays but it is probably because I have more time to watch for them on Saturdays.
Sparrow taking his Saturday bath
I read for a while and then addressed thank you notes and got almost all of them done, except I ran out of the ones I had made the previous day.  I also addressed a couple of other things I needed to get in the mail.  It was a productive morning.
Hooded Oriole
Mom had told me that when I took Carmen back to her house she might want to go to the grocery store, but she decided she was too tired, so I went to pick up her prescription and got a few things for us and went back to Mom's to leave her prescription.  When I got home I unloaded the groceries and fixed our lunch.  We sat down to a good lunch and then I started working on the binding on a quilt while Ron went to work in the yard.  I soon fell asleep and slept until about 7:15.  As I said, I hate to take naps! 
American Goldfinch
We decided to go light on supper, so I returned to working on the quilt binding while I was watching a movie, but I soon decided I didn't like the movie and gave up on the movie and the binding for this evening.  I hope to do a little sewing before going to sleep for the night!
American Goldfinch
Yesterday on Rush Limbaugh's radio show, he spent a long time talking about his Cochlear Implants.  He talked about deafness and how it is the only handicap that makes other people angry.  They get tired of repeating and if a person is not deaf, but just hard of hearing, others may think that it is just selective hearing.  This can be because sometimes it seems they hear well and not at other times.  That can be the setting, the pitch of the other person's voice, and other factors. 
Goldfinch getting a bath
Rush also commented that being deaf, others cannot see your handicap, whereas a blind person may have a cane, other handicaps may require a wheelchair, etc., but you can't see that a deaf person cannot hear you.
Sparrow keeping an eye on me
and probably telling me to go away
Rush may have spent an hour talking about many of the same things I say here.  He has had his first implant for about 10 years.  He got a second one a year or so ago when the first one started giving him problems.  When his first one was turned on he had 80% hearing in that ear - none in the other.  Now the first ear done is down to 50%.  The second implant did almost no good because the brain had forgotten sound in that ear.  When a person goes deaf, the sooner they can get an implant, the better.  That is one reason I do better than the average; I got mine after 5 months of deafness.  He got his first one 2 months after deafness.  Anyway, I hope some of you happened to be listening, or if you are a member of Rush 24/7, you can go back and listen to the tapes from last Friday to hear his comments.
Hooded Oriole
Probably the technology in my Cochlear units surpass his, and it makes me wonder what will be available in another 10 years.  Just encourage friends who are very hard of hearing to go and see what options there are to help them. 
not pleased with all the visitors in the yard

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