Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 9, 2015

700th Blog Posting
June 9, 2015

Wife of the Houston couple who have done so much for us with Ron and me.
Two years ago tonight Ron and I were in Houston, preparing for my Cochlear implant surgery the following day.  Our son Stephen and a special friend, Kristina, came to Houston that evening to be with us.  They had not told me they were coming.  We had only met Kristina two weeks earlier when we made a trip to Dallas for Memorial Day weekend so we could meet.  She is now Stephen's wife and we are so glad she could be with us during that time in Houston.  She quickly fit well into the family.
Stephen and Krisitina
Our son David joined us the following morning at the hospital.  The surgery is not a high risk physically, but it is all a matter of if the implant will work and work well for the hearing impaired person.  The surgery does not take a long time but I know the time passed more quickly for Ron with these loving folks being there with him.
Ron and David
June 9, 2013, Ron and I had driven to Houston that morning.  We were staying with friends.  Stephen and Kristina were also able to stay since they have a very large house with Kristina in the second guest room and Stephen in the media room on the 3rd floor.  The guest room we were in rivaled any 5 star hotel.  These friends have opened their homes to us countless times.  I say "homes" since they have moved several times during the time we have been guests in their homes. 

God provided that we were in a place where we were comfortable, where we felt like "family" and where Stephen and Kristina could join us.  There is no way to describe what this family has meant to us over the years as time after time, they lovingly have met our needs.
My amplifier
The night before surgery was a little stressful.  I could hear very little.  I was using a hand held amplifier in order to be able to hear any of the conversation.  I was not fearful of the surgery; only fearful that something would still come up that would mean I could not have the surgery.  There was the fear of over-sleeping, so I did not sleep well that night.

Throughout the entire time that I was deaf and on through this current time, I don't know what I would have done without Ron.  He has stayed on top of things.  He communicated with the doctors, nurses, the Houston Ear Research Foundation, our friends in Houston, the family, other friends who wanted updates the day of surgery.  He continues to do much of my communicating on a daily basis.

My two disappointments with the Cochlear Implant would be my difficulty in using the telephone and my difficulty hearing music as it actually sounds.  Of course, those things pale in comparison to the ability to hear the family members, friends, customers, etc. on a daily basis.  I have trouble understanding television without having it very loud, but even before the deafness, I was using the closed captioning on the television.  It is hard to understand people on the microphones at drive-up windows, but again, that is nothing new.

People sometimes ask if I continue to hear the music in my head.  The answer is, "YES!"  Right now as I type I hear what sounds like a violin group playing "Singing I love you, Lord; singing I love you, Lord..."  And just as I typed the words to the song, I began to hear voices singing the words.  The power of suggestion is strong.  Lately I do hear music other than hymns and praise songs.  Some are "Golden Oldies" that I enjoy, but I would prefer all sacred music I think. 

This week a woman came into our shop, and in a slightly exasperated tone told me she needed a couple  more copies of her mom's house keys; her mother had lost them again.  She had been in a couple of times recently.  I cut them and as I wrote the bill, I asked if her mother was hard of hearing.  She said no.  I told her the reason I asked is that I am hard of hearing and I don't hear if I drop something.  She seemed surprised, thought a minute, and said, "Maybe she is."  I do try to educate, encourage, and help those I encounter to better understand the limitations of someone who can't hear everything around them.

Often I detect that customers are trying to hide the fact that they can't hear well.  When I tell them I am basically deaf without my Cochlear sound processor, they often admit that they have trouble.  I am sorry that some people are embarrassed about their hearing.  I am embarrassed when I misunderstand, or don't hear something that is said, but not about the fact that I have a hearing problem.  I want people to know so they will understand why I may give them a strange response to something they say.

In wrapping up this 700th blog posting, I will say that sometimes I consider dropping the blog, but then someone will say they were helped by something that was said, so I go on.  I may post less often - not sure - but as long as people keep reading, I will keep writing.  At this point I have had just under 49,000 page views on the site.

The views are from at least 87 countries all around the globe.  There have recently been readers in some  countries who have apparently been reading through the entire collection of entries.  I have no way of knowing if they are looking for information on hearing loss, Cochlear implants, life in America, birding in South Texas, or something else.  Whatever they are looking for, I hope they find a 69 year old lady in Texas who has been helped tremendously by modern technology; a lady who loves the Lord and her family, and friends; a lady who loves her country and wants everyone to look for the good in each day.

Thanks for reading.  See you back here tomorrow on the second anniversary of my Cochlear implant surgery.


  1. Since love your blogs because I don't miss out on the lives of people who are so dear to me....and of course, to see your beautiful quilts!

    1. How did "I" turn into "since"?!

    2. Tiny, those auto- spell things can really get me in trouble. Thanks for the insight. It is true, when you move away it is hard to keep up with friends. We miss you and I sure wish you were here to play quilt games. You know, the kind of games where we try to out do each other. Take care.

  2. Linda, this is so beautifully written ! I hope you keep up the blog--it fills me in on some

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy doing the blog and I guess any who are tired of it can quit reading, but readership has basically stayed level for well over a year, so for now, it will continue. There may be times when I do two days in one entry.