Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

West Brownsville Little League 
Championship Play-off Game
June 1, 2015

Grandson is in the middle with his trophy!
What a day this has been!  I was up very early - just after 5:00 a.m.  Some of the early morning time was spent writing yesterday's blog.  Falling asleep early last night meant I didn't get my blog done until this morning.
Our little granddaughter was running circles around this pole and a little boy started chasing her.  I told our son to get used to it.  I expect boys will be chasing her for a long time.

The lady I backed into following a ball game last week, was to meet me at the car repair place this morning.  My phone was hiding in my purse and I thought I didn't have it with me.  I waited an hour and she didn't show so I went to the office and checked emails and found I had over looked one telling me she would be late because there was an awards program at her children's school.  So she emailed when she was ready to go and I met her there.  Then I drove to my mom's house and got her car so I could let the lady use mine.

Since I was at Mom's and Carmen was ready to go to Ron's mom's I drove her there before I returned to the shop.  Fairly soon after I got to the shop, Ron left on jobs.  While he was gone, things at the office got hectic.  At one time I had 7 people in the shop; 4 of them were customers.  The first was loud and talked extremely fast.  She went on and  on about stuff not related to her purchase and people were lining up behind her.  I could not get her to let me wait on the others.  I finally got to the others when she turned to talk to someone else.  She was nice, just noisy and single minded.
At the ball game:  The girls sure love their grandpa.
The other customers finally got what they needed.  Some caused problems because they did not have proper paperwork for me to be able to do their keys.  Keys that say "Do Not Duplicate" or "Duplication Prohibited" need a letter of authorization for us to be able to do their keys.  We have a handout sheet listing the things that the letter must say.  We also require a driver's license.  Two did not have driver's licenses with them.  One had left it at home.  (That is what he said.)  I don't recall what the other said, but I asked both if they were driving without a license and they said yes.  Both were employees for companies.  Yikes!  It was just stuff like that all morning.  One lady kept telling me to whisper even though the shop was empty. 
In the end, our team lost 6-1 but came in Second 
in the West Brownsville Little League for 2015!
During the afternoon I worked on end of the month things.  Ron was out most of the afternoon.  He had a couple of jobs and a checkup with his heart doctor.  Things seem to be fine for him.  He stopped a medication that was causing lots of other problems and this doctor was not too pleased about that, but his other doctor had suggested a couple of alternatives and he is trying those.
Great turnout for Championship Play-Off Game
These are the people cheering for our team
At the end of the day I had a deposit to take to the bank and then returned the bag to the office before going to check on Mom.  She was eager to go with us to the play-off Championship Little League ball game.  I came home, fixed a quick supper, got the mosquito repellent and went back to get her.  We lost, but it was a good game and I think the kids had a good time.  
A little girl from our church was having photos taken with her team and their trophies.
We ran into other friends who were there for baseball photos.  The areas around the fields had standing water and the mosquitoes were terrible toward the end of the game.  They were huge and hungry.
 About half way through the game the moon came up and was beautiful.  We haven't had a lot of clear skies to enjoy the moon in a while.
 After the game they let us go on the field to take photos.  Our two youngest granddaughters took the opportunity to "run the bases."  The youngest one decided to go around twice.  That was after countless trips around that pole and games of hide and seek.  The energy they have is amazing!   


  1. Base ball season ended here last week. Drakes team ended up second in the DS Pony League. He didn't get to play the last three games of the tournament....sprained thumb! Amanda's softball team went undefeated but they don't rank the little girls. I miss it. I enjoy watching the kids play.

    1. Tiny, this was PeeWee League. The guys are so cute as they try to do their best imitations of the pros. The last game was delayed due to the weather.

  2. Thanks for taking me to the game! Love these pictures.

    1. Glad you could be there, Mom. It was a fun evening.