Monday, June 8, 2015

June 7, 2015

It Was a "Grand" Day!
Sunday, June  7, 2015

Our granddaughter who loves to sew made travel pillows for her visiting
 cousins - the cousins are on the left.  The cousins were delighted.  
Our granddaughter has such a giving heart. 

The time before church went quickly.  Then our Sunday School went well and we had two new couples in the group. Church was excellent.  The sermon was so good.  I am sure it was helpful to many and I pray that God will use it to minister to those who most needed it.
A couple of the kids helped me make Lego gummies during the afternoon. 
After church we brought Jeff's children home with us as he and Barb had appointments scheduled and then spent the rest of the day getting ready for workmen to start at the house they just bought.  Mom, my brother, his wife, and two of their grandchildren joined us for lunch at our house and we all had a great visit.  Jeff's oldest son and I picked up Kentucky Fried Chicken and the five oldest of the group of kids all helped get lunch on the table.  They set the table, filled glasses with ice, made Kool-aid, and generally got everything ready in a short time.
Pillow making.

The five oldest kids ate in the living room and the rest of us in the dining room.  The food was good.  Mom and Gordon had added some salads to our lunch, and some donuts for dessert.  The kids all ate well and they get along so very well.  We had a relaxing afternoon visiting and watching the children play.  The youngest took her nap with no protests.  Some played with Legos, some with Hot Wheels, some used the sewing machine, and some watched a video.  All had fun.
 The three little boys having a great time together
About 5:30, Mom, Gordon, and his wife left to run some errands and their two grandchildren stayed here to play.  After a while they came for their grandchildren and went to Mom's.  The girls and I fixed supper for Jeff's seven.  I fixed a whole loaf of grilled cheese sandwiches.  Some ate leftover chicken from lunch, most of them at some yogurt, and some had some chips.  Again, all had fun.
Jeff's oldest daughter teaching her youngest brother to sew.
How can 9 children minus 2 children equal increased noise level???  Much to my dismay, the noise level went UP when two of the group left.  My Cochlear Implant sound processor was working overtime to feed all those sounds into my head!  Yikes!  It was noisy at the supper table.  All of the sounds were happy, fun, and excited, but they really became loud.
We had cherry crunch for dessert
After supper, all the children helped either to clear the table or to pick up toys.  When all of that was done, we loaded the children into Jeff's van and Ron took them home while I went by Mom's to take a purse that had been left.  From there I went to Jeff's house and we got the kids ready for bed but let them wait up for Jeff and Barb.  The last few days have been hectic for all of us and the children just wanted some parent time. 
Jeff's middle daughter has started leaving me 
little drawings when she goes home. 
 I never know where they will be.  I am so blessed!
It was close to midnight when we got home; we were tired but very happy.  What a wonderful anniversary weekend we had!

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