Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June 17, 2015

It is Time to Move
June 17, 2015

Our second son started a new job almost a year ago.  It was early in July that he began working for a city about 70 miles away.  He and his wife had already started looking for a house in that community to meet their unique needs.  Having seven children ranging in age from 3 to 17, in itself brings a challenge.  Home schooling those children also adds other housing needs.  The love of sharing with others adds other things.  Children that love to play outside, a family that is close knit, children who love to laugh, children who love playing the piano (5 of them), a wife/mother/teacher/ hostess who opens her home at the drop of a hat; all these meant the house needed to be large.  A busy Dad who has spent countless hours on the road this last year, is more than ready to have his family close to his work.

Now almost a year later, this is the week of the move.  We have all known it was coming.  We have all prayed for God to provide just the right house; we have baby-sat while they looked.  After viewing approximately 50 homes, one stood out from all the rest.  Two months of negotiations finally came to an end, and it is time to move.  The papers are signed; the additional septic tank is installed; the painters have added a fresh coat of paint in the selected colors; the cleaning crew arrives tomorrow; it is time to move.

The storage unit is almost empty.  The house is getting empty.  The For Sale sign is in the front yard.  We have waited for this week to come.  Boxes are stacked everywhere.  Things cooking utensils needed to prepare supper tonight were packed in some of those boxes.  A couple of boxes had to be opened in order for supper to be cooked.

This afternoon two of the children spent the afternoon with me at the office.  Their mom and a friend of hers were filling boxes and these two were ready to be out of the way.  Maybe all the changes at home brought about their activities at the office this afternoon.  Before I started making quilts, I built doll houses.  They are in the storeroom at the office.  Ron got out one of the smaller ones a few weeks ago and they have been playing with it.  Today they decided they should make furniture for it.  The house was almost empty.  So after working together, the three of us got two single beds made.  One is a day bed and the other has a headboard and foot board.
This little barrel chair was made from an empty toilet paper roll.  They made a table, a lamp, bedrolls, and a few other small items.  Maybe they are tired of the rooms being empty (in the doll house).
As always, this sweet granddaughter spent the afternoon at the sewing machine making pillows, blankets, etc. for the furniture in the doll house.

Some of the giggles and whispers, the laughter and tears, are going to be 70 miles away and my world is going to be very quiet - even when I am wearing my Cochlear Sound Processor.

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