Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015

A Great Day!
June 24, 2015

My rose is still lovely!

Ron let me sleep until he left for work this morning.  Not good!  He forgot I had an appointment in Harlingen at 10:15.  I had to hurry to get ready in time to leave and make it on time to my appointment.  This appointment was for me to get the results from my biopsy done last Friday on the thyroid.  The results were fine.  All is well.  Praise the Lord!  For that good report, I am very thankful.  I have to go back in 6 months instead of a year since this nodule popped up this year.  But, I appreciate that she takes each change seriously.
There are six different large squares in this fabric.  I love the colors in this print.
From there I went to the Picket Fence Quilt Shop.  They sent out an email last night that they were closing and that all items were 40% off.  They had been 30% off for the last few weeks and so I headed over there to see what else I needed.  I bought several pieces of fabric to use for backings or bindings, etc. 
These look good enough to eat! Yummy fabric!
As I was checking out, I asked the lady about a purse she had made that was for sale.  I ended up buying it, but noticed a little spot on the front that needed to be redone.  The sewing was a little messy.  This is why I get so little done.  I have now taken the lining out of the purse and redone it and will put it back and redo the binding at the top of the purse.  Sometimes being a perfectionist is the pits.  I am not a perfectionist in all things!  I will enjoy the purse when I get it back together.
My new purse - as soon as I finish remaking it.
After the owner finished ringing up my total, she offered me some books from a table in the back - for FREE.  I selected a few and she kept pushing me to take more.  I would have loved to have them all but felt others would also like to have some.  I ended up with about 20 hardback quilt books that sell for $25 - $35 each.  I would love to have time to sit and go through all of them, but it will take time.  Then I will share some.  I also got a few more free items that she offered to me.  What a blessing to me.
Most of the books the lady gave to me.
From there, I picked up lunch for Ron and me and went to the office.  I spent the afternoon working on assorted papers.  Ron was out for a while and I had a good number of customers in while he was gone.  Most were very nice and polite.  Several of the most polite were young people and that was encouraging to see.
The photo does not do justice to this fabric, but I love it!
During the afternoon I ran an errand to the hospital to get an appointment for my yearly mammogram.  Again I encountered a very polite young person.  I got an appointment for a couple of weeks away.  Last year when I tried, it was a 2 month wait.  Now I just need to find the doctor's order for the test.  Hmmmm... wonder where I put it for safe keeping?
A Texas quilter can never have too much bluebonnet fabric.
Back at the office I prepared a bank deposit and at the end of the day, Ron took that while I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription for Mom and another medication.  Then we met our friends for supper.  We talked for two hours and the guys might still be talking if I hadn't told them I needed to go so I could pack to go to take care of the grandchildren tomorrow.   Mom, Carmen and I will leave early in the morning to get there around 9:00 so Barb can join her mom and sister for a few days out of town.
A batik fabric I bought today.
It was good to chat with our daughter-in-law in New Mexico and briefly with our son.  Then it was time to get this entry written and head to bed.  Hearing was ok today but supper was a little noisy.  The other couple kept offering to move to another table, but I have not found the perfect spot in the place.  This was a new spot, so we will try another table next time.

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