Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 20, 2015

It Happened Again!
Saturday Became Sunday 
And I Was Still Awake!
June 20, 2015

This is the quilt I made for one of our grandsons for the new house.  He likes the back better than the front.  That is the back you are seeing.  (Kind of like a child who likes the box better than the toy.)  When I saw this fabric, I knew it was just right for his quilt; it is baseballs and bats and he is the one who played Little League this Spring.
The other grandson who got a new quilt, started out with the front side up, but later went to get a bunch of Hot Wheels cars to use on the backside of the quilt that had roads on it.  I don't care which side they like.  I just want them to know that their Grandma loves them a lot.  The back of his has three different fabrics with cars on it and roads.  I had bought those fabrics  for him a couple of years ago and just now found the use for them.

Saturday morning I slept late.  It was about 10:00 when I woke up and I was thankful that I had been able to get some extra sleep, knowing I was probably in for another long afternoon and evening.  I started right away working in the kitchen, baking cookies and cleaning.  The next four hours were spent in there, on my feet, working hard.
Barb showing friends that there is lots of room
 and that they are always welcome to come for a visit
It was about 4:00 when I picked up Mom and Carmen and we headed to McAllen to be there for the unloading of the truck and other vehicles.  Just as I pulled in the driveway, I checked my messages and had one from Barb asking me to pick up a couple of more things for supper.  Three more families were coming to help unload; most of them having filled their vans, pick ups or whatever with boxes, bikes, and assorted items.  It turned out to be four families, helping; all were different from the ones who helped the previous evening.
Unloading Ron's car so he can go help our grandson who had car trouble
We went to a Wal-Mart not far from the house - the same one I had gone to the day before, and got lots of things for supper.  It was good we did since we ended up with 29 people working hard; well, at least 20 working hard.  The youngest and oldest either watched or got in the way.  I did both: watched and got in the way.
Time to start supper
Our oldest grandson had car trouble on the way, so Ron (who had just arrived) was sent to rescue him so Jeff could keep coming with the truck.  Couches, bed frames, china cabinet, dressers, chest of drawers, refrigerator, cat, and on and on the things kept coming into the house and garage.  They managed to fill it up pretty well.
 Time to relax a little as we wait for Jeff and the truck to arrive
Carmen and I fixed supper, got things set out and most of us ate while we waited for Jeff to arrive with the truck.  All other vehicles had been unloaded.  What amazing friends they have.  All of them hate to see Jeff's family move away, but they all were willing to be a part of the move.  Nice people.
 Our little friend Elizabeth found this was a good place to learn how to climb steps.
It was just before 11:00 when I left with Mom and Carmen.  Ron had left a little before we did - totally exhausted.  It was a hard drive as tired as I was, but I got Mom and Carmen home just after midnight and headed home myself.

 Lots of good food to share
 You can tell we are almost finished serving, the platters are almost bare.
Twenty-nine people (including 14 children) can be noisy!  Without all the furniture in, rugs on the floors, pictures on the walls, noises bounced around to where I could not carry on a conversation.  But we had fun.  Kids were nice.  They bounced off the walls like the noises.  One, child who will remain unnamed, found the flat dolly was just right to go down the ramp out of the moving van.  A good time was had by all.  What a job there is ahead of Barbara as she finds the perfect spot for all the items.
 Lots of wonderful friends to love and appreciate

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