Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015

Super Sunday All Day Long
June 28, 2015

The stained glass window in our sanctuary
Ron woke me this morning a little later than I had planned.  I don't usually put my Cochlear Sound Processor on first thing in the mornings.  Ron is not a "morning" person, so he usually has little to say right away.  We were both getting ready for church and he came and sat in a chair facing me and looking at his shoes, I saw they were not fastened.  Sometimes he is stiff in the mornings, so I bent down and fixed the shoes and he started laughing saying that was not why he had come; he had a question.  Oh, well I guess the shoe fastening was a freebie.  I usually head for the sound processor as soon as I can tell he wants to say something, but often he motions for me not to bother.  I sometimes play guessing games trying to figure out what he wants.  We often get some laughs out of my guesses which can become really wild (on purpose).
A part of the VBS decorations in the church gym.
Our Sunday School class included all the regulars except one couple who had car trouble.  The lesson was excellent and fit so well into today's world.  Our class is fixing supper tomorrow for the Vacation Bible School workers and there were some things concerning that, that needed our attention.
Tree house for the VBS Journey Off The Map
Church was very good.  The pastor preached a couple of sermons.  Most of you have heard jokes about long sermons and that the preacher missed some good stopping places.  Today the pastor told us he had three sermons prepared to preach and we had better get comfortable.  I only was able to pick out two, but they were both outstanding and again, very timely.  At the end of the service the children's choir sang one of the VBS songs. 
Children's Choir singing one of the VBS songs.
The decorations throughout the building are amazing.  That is not one of my talents and it is so great to see the detailed work done by others.
Our granddaughter just to the right of center
After church we stayed for a long time visiting with friends and family.  We went with Jeff's family out to eat.  They had come down for the day since one of the children is on the VBS praise team and one is a runner for the workers in VBS and four of them are spending the week.  They will not be with me as much time as I thought.  I have to share them with their other grandmother and so we will alternate nights.
Another of our granddaughters in the middle
When we finished eating we went by Ron's mom's house for a few minutes and I took some more flower photos.  We brought one of the children home with us - one who is not spending the week.  Jeff and the rest of the family went to their old house and picked up a few more items that they had not moved yet.  We met at the church at 5:30 to trade children and let the older ones (the ones staying) go to the first night of VBS.
Decorations in the sanctuary this morning for Vacation Bible School
I returned to the church to get the children at 9:00 and we came home to have supper.  Cooking for this group can be a challenge.  Their tastes constantly change.  They are pretty good about eating what is offered, but not always. 
 A tree house in the tree by the parking lot this evening.
Of course the grandchildren were all hyper when we got home so it took a while to get everyone to get to sleep, but it had been a busy day and the girls had spent the night with friends last night, so I think they were all ready for bedtime.  I know I am!

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