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June 3, 2015

A Calmer Day
June 3, 2015

Green Jay

This week has been packed with activities and early morning obligations.  The days have started early and ended late and today they were catching up with me.  I needed to get my car to the repair place early for them to work on the driver's door that had to be slammed hard to close completely.  I was so sleepy.  Once I got to the office, I put my head on my desk and dozed off.  Ron woke me when he was ready to leave on a job.

Ron had expected to be gone most of the day but the main job he had promised said to come back another day, because they were too busy to deal with it today.  That is fine, but he is committed all next week, so they may have a wait before he can come back and do their job.  My customers were much easier to deal with today.  I spent an hour and a half cleaning a couple of the work benches at the office and that is always helpful when we are working, to have a clean work surface.  Around noon Ron returned having not done the job that the people postponed.

While Ron was in the office, I ate my lunch and then started working on the end of the month reports and the customer statements.  I had been waiting for Ron to finish writing all his bills.

Shortly after I started on the bookkeeping, as I was finishing my lunch, a friend came by and brought a quilt that she had machine quilted for me.  I had only given it to her the previous evening!  This is one I am making for a friend who has done so much for me over the past 10 years or so.  The quilter did a wonderful job and I am very pleased.  Now I just need to bind the quilt.  The bookkeeping took all afternoon, but by closing time, the statements were ready to mail to the customers.  There were no balancing issues this month - everything quickly balanced.  That is always nice!

After work, Ron took me to get my car and it was less than half the price quoted.  I have not had time to ask Ron why, but I was pleased.  He said he was going to his mom's house to check on her and I said I would go by my mom's and he promised to stop by after he left his mom's house and drop off some bird seed for my mom that he had picked up for her.

Carmen (Mon's helper) is graduating from a Bible class she has been taking and Mom had given her an outfit she could wear, but it needed to be altered.  At quilting, none of us were able to offer much help.  Most of us gave up making clothes long ago.  She located a seamstress and I told her I would take her out to the lady's house.  I asked Mom if she wanted to come and she said yes.  I asked if she would like me to drop her off at the grocery store while we went to the seamstress, and  she agreed.

The seamstress lives in a little house with a room off the house fixed for her sewing.  There are no window screens and no air-conditioning, but the things I have heard about her work are very complimentary of the lady's abilities.  I took my Kindle and sat on the carport while I waited until the mosquitoes found me.  There were kittens to watch and the time passed quickly.  We returned to get Mom at the grocery store and I picked up supper for Ron and me.  I took Mom and Carmen home and came home to eat supper.  Ron decided he would eat later.

Later I talked to our daughter-in-law in New Mexico and enjoyed catching up on the various news from her. They are delighted with the car they bought this past weekend and are hoping to make a weekend trip soon.

With all that has gone on this week, I have not had time to mention a couple of things:  Monday marked two years since I broke my left elbow and today is two years since I had the first surgery on it. 
One of my greatest challenges while dealing with the arm in a cast was allowing 
my husband to help dress me.  Note the way the shirt is buttoned.

  The first surgery did not solve all of the problems so I had a second surgery the following September.  To me, it is amazing how little I think about it now.  It does make a popping sound sometimes, but there is almost no pain.  I carry heavy things with that arm the same as I do with the other.  Subconsciously, I do protect it some, but I think that is normal.  There is not complete extension, but there is good range of motion.  It took a long time, but it is doing well.  Someone told me shortly after it happened, that it could take two years, and of course I am still not two years out from the second surgery. 

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