Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015

Too Busy to Take Photos?
That's Too Busy!
June 18, 2015

These days are just jam packed with activities and things that need to be done.  When I don't have time to take pictures, I am way too busy!  Sorry for the lack of photos tonight.  The morning was an early rising day for me; not for shots, but just for things I needed to do.  I got up around 5:00 and made Ron's coffee before starting in the kitchen to mix up a batch of cookies and to bake a cinnamon coffee cake.  Before going to the office I needed to go to Harlingen and then picked up lunch for both of us at the Longhorn Cattle Company in San Benito on my way back.  Once I was back, Ron got ready to leave for Harlingen for a job he had up there.

While he was gone in the afternoon, I cleaned sinks at the shop, caught up on the filing, made up a deposit (but didn't get it to the bank), waited on customers, and paid some bills.  I restocked some merchandise and made a list of things Ron needs to order.  All the paper towel holders were on their last towels so I replaced all of them.  How can all of them be down to one towel at the same time?

There were a couple of interesting customers during the afternoon and that always makes the time go faster.  I went on line to pay the state sales tax and checked on a couple of other things on line for the office.  I just managed to keep busy the entire afternoon.  Ron texted me about 4:30 and said he had finished in Harlingen and would just meet me at the house to go in one car to have supper with our friends.  I had to wait until closing time and lock up before I joined him. 

We had a good time with our friends.  I think we both needed the time with friends.  I know that I did.  Just as I had arrived at the house to pick Ron up to go to supper, our daughter-in-law texted to see if we could pick up the girls; they had spent the day at my mom's house.  I asked if it could wait until we had supper and she said that would be great.

We arrived at Mom's about 7:30 I think and the girls were just finishing their supper.  We got them too clean up the toys and then took them home.  It was 10:30 or so when they got back from the new house and we had read books, encouraged the big boys to pack their things in their room, and relaxed.  What is more relaxing than a 3 year old curled up with you on the couch as you read books?

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