Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

Doctor Visit on Saturday
June 6, 2015

Two weeks ago I had a doctor visit for my yearly physical.  Today was a follow up on that.  My appointment was for 10:00.  It was well after 11:00 when I was called in and almost noon when I got out.  The nurse practitioner said all the lab work was excellent, and that the blood work was my best report ever.  My weight is my major problem and I must find time to do some exercise in my schedule. 

All of that wiped out my morning.  It had been allergy shot day so I was up early and did a few things around the house before I went to the doctor's office.  When I pulled up in the driveway at home, Ron had just gotten home and said my mom called to invite us to join her, my brother and his wife, and two of their grandchildren for lunch. 

We joined them at Oyster Bar for lunch, with all of them having shrimp and Ron and I having fish.  I love shrimp, but am allergic to it so the fish was my next choice and it was very good today.  It was a good meal and a good visit. 

Hearing in the restaurant was hard even with a small crowd.  The children were soft-spoken so it was hard to hear them, but I did have nice conversations with them.  They are cute, happy, bright children and we are glad they are visiting Mom for a few days.

Leaving there, Ron and I had a couple of errands to run and once we were home, I took a two hour nap.  While I did that, Ron checked on his mom and then mowed the back yard for me!  I appreciated him taking care of that chore.  The  the yardman showed up to do the front yard, so it all is looking good.

Once I got up, I fixed a very light supper for us and read for a while before doing a little laundry and changing sheets.  Carmen has a busy weekend, so she did not come.  I worked in the kitchen for a while, got the dining room clean and the two rooms cleaned that the grandchildren play in since they will be here Sunday afternoon for a while.

During the evening I worked in the sewing room putting things away and trimming the quilt my friend machine quilted for me a few days ago.  I purchased fabric for the binding for that quilt yesterday and hope to get the binding on it in the next few days.

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