Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 4, 2015

Another Early Morning 
June 4, 2015

This hibiscus photo just seemed a good choice for the 
eve of our 50th (Golden) Wedding Anniversary.

This morning Ron had a job scheduled for 9:00 and it was allergy shot day, so I got  up at 5:15 to do my shots and still be at the office about 8:30.  I managed to get there on time but forgot my lunch.  Ron left on his jobs.  He said he would not be back until he had done three.  He was back after one for something he forgot.

Later he picked up a Chick-fil-A sandwich for me on his way back to the office.  I had intended to sew some today, but decided to clear my desk of the clutter that had accumulated there.  One bill was missing that was due next week.  I started looking and found it in the "paid" file.  Just why it ended up there, I will never know! 

Customers were in and out all day.  Some were picking up items left earlier in the week and others were just getting keys copied.  I never did get to sew, but I got a deposit prepared and took it to the bank at the end of the day.  

Probably my most interesting customer today was a maintenance man from a town up the valley.  He has three sons and loved telling me all about their accomplishments.  He had a lot to be proud of and I enjoyed hearing about them.  It was a good conversation.  (And because I could hear, I enjoyed it!)

After work we met at the house and then went to join our friends for supper.   We enjoyed the visit.  There always seems to be so much going on for all of us.  They had a new Bar-B-Que place to recommend to us up the valley and we may try it out tomorrow.  Our friends had a lovely card for us for our anniversary and bought our supper. 

Once we got home, Ron returned to the office to place an order for a big job he has next week.  He will be busy all next week on this job he will be doing for a customer.  We are thankful for the job; it will just keep him busy day and night.

We are closing the office tomorrow for our Golden Anniversary and going to spend the day together .  In August we will celebrate with our family at a gathering in the hill country of Central Texas.

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